In memory of a loving mother

For mom

My heart is filled with sorrow,
As i see you lying here,
No words to share tomorrow,
No laughter or no fear,
My memories all gathered,
Deep within my heart,
Together we did share them,
So never will they part,
Once more I say;I love you;
And Im sure that you will hear,
Youll never be forgotten,
As days turn into years,
Of all the gifts that you could give,
The one that meant the most,
Was the joy of being part of you,
And that deserves a toast!
So heres to you my special Mom,
Who gave to me the years,
That I will treasure most of all,
Because you were so dear,
And may I add a special note,
It was great to have you here!


The memories of those gone by,
Have golden pages in the sky,
With memories within the heart,
And sorrow that will never part,
Ah but caring will see us through,
Because we were a part of you,
So rest in peace with all our love,
Watch over us from up above,
The cross we bare is heavy tis true,
But every thought belongs to you,
You never truly left our side,
How wonderful to have a guide,
To walk with us in every stride,
To help us through the pain we hide,
To wipe the tears that we have cried,
To hold us close within your sight,
To help us make it through the night..

Heavens Path

It s time to come and be with me is what God said so tenderly,
Walk upon this soil to me. I offer love eternally,
I have your family waiting here so you will never feel the fear,
Happy you are joining us, So pleased to know youre here,
So were decorating all the clouds with angel dust galore,
And when you walk on heavens path you will feel the awe,
You have never seen a place like this with hues of pinkest bloom,
So come to me with open arms I have your special room.

Created by LB