Where can I go for help


Here are some ideas of where you may be able to get support

Your friends

You may find that you aren't

the only one being bullied.

Hang around with your friends

The bully might get bored waiting to

catch you alone.

Your Parents

Hopefully you can talk to your

parents and you can discuss

your problems easily. They care about

you and may have some ideas to help

or may support you by talking to

the bully's parents or someone at

school or where the problem is.

Your teacher

Most teachers know how to handle

bully situations and will be able

to help you.

If your teacher doesn't help go

and see your principal.

Your coach

If the problem is at sport practice

then it is up to your coach to

support you.

If there is a bully at work in

your team then the team

will not be playing their best

if they are distracted by a bully.


The Police or

Community Constable

If you have no one that you feel

that you can trust, then go

to your police station. Police

do not like bullies and will be

able to give you some

information which may help you.

Stop Bullying website

or phone 0800 No Bully

If you are still uneasy about the situation you must revisit

someone that gave you support. Do not give up.