Why am I a bully?

Do you do some of these things? tease


make fun of others

damage other peoples things

call people names

Do you think you are: Stronger than any one else

Smarter than anyone else

Street Smart

Think about this-

Friends are people that support each other when you have problems

Friends have fun

People feel good about themselves when they help each other

Friends don't blame others for their problems

Would you like to have some support? Someone to say "Hey do you want some help?"

Do you have fun and feel good later when you think about it?

Would you like to feel good about yourself?

If you do something wrong, what would take more guts, blaming someone else or being strong and discussing the situation?

If you would like to change and have friends here are a few tips: Take responsibility for your own actions

Laugh with people not at them

If you have problems that you can't work out for yourself or control, talk to your teacher at school, go on, take a risk and trust someone. Go to WHO CAN HELP ME for some more information on help.