Taylor Hanson


Name: Jordan Taylor Hanson
Age: 15
Birthday: March 14
Sign: Picses
Nicknames: Tay, Tayles, Taybear
Born: Jenks, Oklahoma
Lives: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'10 1/2"
Band Position: Singer, keyboards
Bad Habits: Tapping on things
Hobbies: Soccer, rollerblading, drawing

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Shows: Seigfield, Fraiser, Friends, Animaniacs
Favorite Drink: Mugs Root Beer
Favorite Food: Burritos, Steak, Fish
Favorite Ice-cream Flavor: Strawberry

Extra Stuff
-Tay has a habit of mouthing his brothers lines while performing live.
-Taylor is often the peacemaker of the group.
-Taylor can talk in an English accent.
-Tay has a scar on the back of his leg from playing soccer
-Taylor has another scar on his back from rollerblading.
-Tay wears a soccer ball necklace, a cross, and a star of David around his neck.
-If Hanson didn't work out Tay wanted to be an architector an interior designer.

"The girl aren't screaming at you. They're screaming at the fact that you're in a bandand they hear you on the radio. It's not like you're anything special."
"Music is unavoidable at our house."
"I'm a guy but I'm NOT going to pull down my pants to prove it!"
"How much better of a job could you have than being in a band your whole life."
"You have to know what you want and keep going for it."
"You have to like yourself before you can do anything."
"If a cute girl was being bullied, I'm a fighter."
"Getting your license gives you the right to pick your nose in the car."
"However you want to do it. It's your game."
"Zac's got some really deep songs."