Page Updates, Hanson Updates, Appearences

Page Updates

October 6
-New pics of Ike, Zac, and Tay have been added. 

August 23
-New pics of Ike, Tay, and Zac have been added. They are all on page
 4 in each brothers respective section.

July 21
-I added a new thing to the bottom of my page called "Justice For Zac".
Go check it out.

June 17
-Ahhh finals are over and the glorious summer vacation is here! This page
will be functioning again! 
-New group pictures have been added. You can see them by going to group
pictures 5.
-New Zac pictures have been added. You can see them by going to Zac
pictures 4.
-New Isaac Pictures have been added. You can see them by going to Isaac
pictures 4.
-New Tay pictures have been added. You can see them by going to Taylor
pictures 4.
-There will be no updates during the week of June 21-25 because I will
be away at camp.

May 29
-First off I have to say, sorry for the major lack of updates! I 
haven't been doing too well in school so my parents wouldn't let me 
get on line. 
-I have won another award. 
-Some new Taylor pics have been added. 

May 1 
-I have won another award. You can go see it on the Awards Page. 

April 30 
-A whole new page of Zac pics have been put up. 

April 18
-Sorry for the lack of updates. My computer went down and I was not 
able to get online. Expect some updates soon! 

April 3
-I have added a guestbook. PLEASE take the time out to sign it. I 
would love to know what you think about my page. 
-I have added a page for the awards that I have been getting and you 
can win my award!

Hanson Updates

October 6
-MOE6 should be arriving any day now. Okay here's the big news. In MOE
 they do an article about Hanson's new love of surfing. The pictures show
 the guys TOPLESS!!!! That means NO SHIRT!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't wait!
-I'm sure you all know this now but Ike and Tay have cut thier hair. Rumor
 has it that Zac cut his too. We are just waiting for the pic.
-The new album will be out early next year.

August 23
-Hanson is in the studio working on their ne album. I have heard release
 dates ranging from this October to the spring of 2000. 

June 17
-MOE will be on it's way very soon so hold tight and be patient!!

April 3
-The rumor that Hanson will have a new single in July is false. It was
started by an inconsiderate fan.


October 6
-Space Ghost Coast to Coast with Hanson will air on October 22, which we
 all know is Zac's Birthday!!

June 17
-Hanson will be on a FOX special called "Famous Families". It will air
on June 21 at 9:00pm and on June 26 at 10:00pm. Make sure you check it
out. I have heard that it will have never seen footage of Mayfest.

April 3
None right now.