My Tripod Page
Zachary Hanson


Name: Zachary Walker Hanson
Birthday: October 22
Age: 13
Sign: Libra
Height: I'm guessing about 5'4 but it seems like that boy grows a foot every time we see him!!
Weight: Hard to tell, maybe 115 pounds
Lives: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Born: Arlington, Virginia
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Nicknames: Zac, Animal, Phsyco Boy, Little Hercules (my nickname for Zac)
Hidden Talent: Talk while burping
Hobbies: Drawing, Nintendo64, Playstation

Favorite Sport: Rollerblading
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite TV Shows: Animaniacs, Simpsons
Favorite movies: Action movies such as Twister or Independence Day
Favorite Ice-cream: Chocolate
Favorite Dessert: Jello
Favorite Food: You name it and Zac will probably eat it.
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Subject: Math

Extra Stuff
-Zac is known to be very hyper but very serious when he has to be.
-Zac is left handed.
-Zac has a very close relationship with is youngest brother Mac.
-Zac has been playing video games since he was 3.
-Zac loves to go to Laserquest to pass time.
-when Zac was little, his favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham.
-To get away from it all, Zac will hide out in his tree house that was built by Ike and Tay. Walker most
likely had a hand in it too.
-If Hanson does not work out, Zac would like to be a cartoonist.
-Zac collects soap and shampoo bottles from hotels that Hanson has stayed at.
-Zac broke his nose when he got hit with a flying rock that Tay had launched off a see-saw.

"Yo, peace, love, and bulletproof marshmallos!"
"I'm totally not a painter...but I try anyway."
"I love you man!"
"When I first saw myself on TV, I was like wow, look at that cute girl, Oh no wait, that's me!"
"The only people who say we look like girls are the ones who lost thier girlfriends because they like our band."
"Ike is a girl charmer. He'll always say nice things to girls."
"You can't expect success, you can only hope for it."
"I'm the drummer, I'll do whatever I want."
"They're like my bestfriends, only bester."
"All you can do is make the best music you can."
"If you run, they'll chase after you, If you don't run, you're dead!"