These are the links that I always go to, some are my  friends sites and some are the sites about music and comics.


Official Sites


LUNA SEA's official site

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SUGIZO's sephirot

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Inoran's DINO

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Plastic Tree's official site

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J Rock Sites


Japanese Channel A great J rock sites with PICS, MP3...
LUNA SEA ENTERPRISE  LUNA SEA unofficial sites but rebuilding.
J-Rock Kiosk HK Jrock site with fanfic!!!
- [ Visual World ] - Many pics but not always update now:(
VISUAL STUDIO HK Jrock site with update information
monophobia A ENGLISH unofficial site for Plastic Tree
TW unofficial site A great Taiwan  LUNA SEA site!!!
Jrock Fanfic Achieve Have many different pairing fanfics!!!


A fanfic site mainly for LUNA SEA


Message Board & Mailing Lists & Webring


LUNA SEA WWWBoard Lunatic Fringe (Chinese)
eGroups _ luna-sea eGroups _ ryuslaves
eGroups _ sugi-ryu eGroups _ SUGIZO
LUNA SEA RING Bonsai's Jpop Pages
Plastic Tree RING TW BBS




Midori's HP

Togu's A Swell in the Sun Inori's
Ses's MOON May's CG & LUNA SEA site




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