Finally can add this section in my hp!!!^O^ LUNA SEA will start their activities again in this year so I hope I can get their information and put them all in this NEWS section. Hope I can update it frequently^^;


LUNA SEA will have Asian tour as the same time with brand new chaos!!!But read the HK news that seems they still can't find the suitable spot to hold the concert!!!ar....Hope they can solve this problem quickly ne!!!Can't wait for them to have live again!!!


New Album "LUNACY" will be out. And they will start a tour "BRAND NEW CHAOS" from 15/07 to 15/08. And will have second tour start at Oct again!!! Hope they have time to have Asian tour again!!!waiting for them ne!!!

U guys get the album??? This album's package is very special, need to cut the lyrics book to see their picture!!!haha...I still haven't cut that ne!!! Talk about this new album, after listen the whole album few times, the impression which LUNACY gives me is, this is a combination album of 5 members' solo: KISS~~sugi's style, 4:00AM~~ino's style, a vision~~J's style and white out~~ryu's style!!!But I think their album always need us to listen more times to discover the special things and I always think that after watch their live of this tour, will like more about this album!!!

10/07/2000 album will be out soon!!!Can't wait to listen those songs!!!From now there are some hp which have some interviews that Luna Sea talk about LUNACY!!!

First ...of course LUNA SEA OFFICIAL HP can access all information.And can listen few mins clips of FEEL and Crazy About You!!!                               

Second...Access All Area~~LUNA SEA SPECIAL , there are 5 clips of their individual interviews with 5 songs performed in 23/5 Gigs!!!^O^                  

Third...LUNA SEA makes LUNACY 5 members interview talking about LUNACY, the new album.

Magazines:                                                                                                                       UV    



R&R Newsmaker (cover)   12/7 The Ichiban (cover)

HK Magazine MUSIC ROCK (cover)

Taiwan Magazine UP (cover)


Happy Birthday Sugi Sama!!!^O^

I am very sorry to Sugi Sama ne!!!~_~". I am very busy that can't prepare any special for him!!!! But hope he can enjoy his birthday this year, because he stay with SLAVES to have live in his birthday!!!


Luna sea will hold a gig on 23/05/2000 named "Premiere of LUNACY 2000". More information also pls go to LUNA SEA official hp. But heard that this gig's capacity only 1 millions, seems they have more interest to hold small gig now. And 23/05 ne...just few days after RYU's birthday.^O^

Wow...this live all songs are new songs from the new album "LUNACY". It is a great try for them to have this kind of live now, and there are different comment about this live. But it makes me have more expectation of this new album ne!!!^O^


Happy Birthday Ryu chan!!!^O^

Although I can't watch 23/5 live, I still feel very excited about the live. Hope later can have a chance to watch the live version of TONIGHT and Be gone. And here is a fanfic about Ryu's birthday!!!featuring Sugi and Ryu!!! The fic is called "Tonight"......hope u all enjoy!!!^O^


New maxi single "TONIGHT" will be released on this day. Also contain 3 songs. Ha....all the latest information can be accessed in LUNA SEA official hp again. This time also can watch the PV clips in the hp. This is a fast , catchy song that wrote by J. From the Japanese BBS know that this song is about 3 mins (um...not enough ne!!) and the pv....just like rosier, keep swinging and swinging around them. And also I feel that the PV style a little bit like L Arc's HONEY!!!


Now is  confirm that LUNA SEA will go to TW to have promotion of their new single " Gravity" together with the actors of "Another Heaven". Seems they only will stay in there 1 day. Then they will come to HK after stay in TW and seems they come to HK on 11 or 12/4. But heard the news that only Sugizo and Ryuichi will come in this promotion period.


Also some release information, this issue of ICHIBAN's cover featuring LUNA SEA ne!!!Wa....although there are not many pages of them, I think it is worth to buy when I first saw the cover. This time all 5 members wore suit. Ino is very cute, and the feeling of J is very wild even thought he also wore suit. ???~~~! Sugi is still very pretty and very slim. Shinya keep his short hair and beard. Ryu holding with a branch of rose....don't know how to describe, so strange

Besides ICHIBAN, this issue of Fool's mate and Nonsect also are LUNA SEA cover. Nonsect had 30 pages of LUNA SEA interview.


Some release information. This issue of CD DATA's cover is LUNA SEA (4/5). OH......their looks have some changes and had the lyrics of GRAVITY in the book. And I put the Japanese lyrics in here and the translated one is in here. ^O^ enjoy!!!




More information about this single updated in LUNA SEA official HP.^O^ The title of their first maxi single is "Gravity". And the coupling songs are "inside u" and "My Lover". No "Sweetest Coma Again" ne ~_~

Their official HP had a few seconds of "Gravity"PV to watch. Go there to visit plz!!!


New single will be released. It will be the theme song of a TV drama "ANOTHER HEAVEN".

This is LUNA SEA's first maxi-single and it will contain 3 new songs. Read the rumour that those songs are "Gravity", "My Lover" and "Sweetest Coma Again" that they perform in the Start Up GIG before ne...^O^. I hope this is true...want to buy so much ne!!!



This first new song LUNA SEA will release in 2000. This is the ending theme song of the movie "007 The world is not enough" Of course, only the Japanese version soundtrack will contain this song T_T........

But actually their perform in the Start up GIG and now can download from others' hp ne.....I think you all have already got it^^; , right??...J's bass...very great!!!^O^


The first gig in 2000.^O^ Start Up GIG. I think people in Asia also can have a chance to watch it. In HK and Taiwan also have TV programme to broadcast it. Others also can watch that through the internet on 01/01/2000.   I also try that ne....but can't success login to the hp, just can watch the last few mins of the show. T_T

Anyway, the setlist are:




They really come back ne!!! All new songs are great, My Lover and Sweetest Coma Again are rock and Gravity really is ino's style!!! That night J showed his new tattoo in his back and had a new bass!!!Ino had a new hair style ne...shocking when i saw his like this. Sugi....very purple, hair is purple and clothes also purple!!!. Ryu...nothing special but seems had a new hair style...but not so obvious. Shinya also cut his hair, cute ne!!!