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Online communities offer today’s peacemakers astounding access to information – including alternative news, stories, and action ideas to empower and inspire us.  Here’s a list of LPF’s current favorites, to explore and share.  Alternet is an online community that “creates original journalism and amplifies the best of hundreds of other independent media sources.”  Success stories, critiques, workable solutions and pathways to action.   “Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community.”  You’ll notice the many essays (“Views”) first.  But be sure to scroll down for its incomparable collection of links, in 12 categories (such as Inside Washington, Newspapers, Think Tanks, Periodicals…)  A news service where readers can also post their views.  Was founded for readers who wanted to “better understand the most important stories of the day, but had grown tired of the hype and sales-pitching of the big corporate outlets.”  This website of Sojourners for “faith in social action” includes a “Peace & Nonviolence” section (see “Topics,” then “Life & Peace”).  Also offers an intriguing, popular blog.  Best religious alternative site. gives you daily news and commentary “to spark action by revealing systemic injustice and providing a platform for transformative ideas, through in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis.”  Includes a section on “Progressive Picks”: books and dvds they’ve found thought-provoking or insightful. Z Magazine, “Where the Spirit of Resistance Lives,” is an independent monthly publication dedicated to “resisting injustice, defending against repression, and creating liberty. It sees the racial, gender, class, and political dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improving contemporary circumstances; and it aims to assist activist efforts for a better future.”

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Last Updated November 2012

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