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Bin Laden Killed, Americans Celebrate - Are We Missing an Opportunity Here? (05-11)
by Glen Gersmehl

Blinded by the Darkness - Three neglected stories of the post Sept. 11 world (9-11)
by Glen Gersmehl

The Challenge of Terror: A Traveling Essay (9-11)
By John Paul Lederach

Discipleship . . . Citizenship - What is our calling in an election year?
by Glen Gersmehl

Four Stories of Peacemaking

Genetically Modified Foods and World Hunger - español Version en español: Alimentos transgénicas y el hambre
by Alan Forsberg

Global Peace Services: Models that Work
by John Eriksson

The Global Spread of Active Nonviolence
by Richard Deats

"It takes Courage"
published in The Lutheran magazine (3-03)

Lutherans and Conscientious Objection to the Draft

The Path of Hope (Wall of Hope)
Stories of over 100 peace and justice successes throughout history: Exhibit, activities, handouts, resources.
More than 600 churches and groups have found this helps inspire and encourage faithful action for justice and peace. Timeline of events: (pdf) (html) español Versión en español

President Bush, as a parent . . .
by Glen Gersmehl

Struggle and Hope - A Report on LPF's 1998 Study Trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua
by Alan Forsberg

Thoughts in a time of tragedy September 11, 2001
by Glen Gersmehl

Treasures in Heaven, Treasures on Earth

What Now for Peacemaking?

What's the Alternative to Military Action Against Iraq? - Why Is Our Best Option Invisible?
by Glen Gersmehl         español Version en español - Noviolencia y la crisis de Iraq

Women's Issues in Central America
by Gail Brodersen-Heins

Youth Perspectives on Central America
by Brian Mostrom

Top Ten List (pdf, html)
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