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Building a Culture of Peace: activity and resource guide

Conflict Education - Insights, activities and resources for examining conflicts between individuals and on larger levels, and for strengthening skills to address conflict in any area of life.
in Spanish: español Educación de Conflicto - Perspicacias, actividades y recursos para examinar los conflictos entre los individuos y en niveles más grandes, y para fortalecer habilidades para abordar conflicto en cualquier área de la vida.

Decade for Peace 2001-2010 - "For the children of the world."

Family Pledge of Nonviolence, School Pledge of Nonviolence

Finding Good Books for Young People

Four Stories of Peacemaking

Grow in Shalom with the 'Peace Deck!' - four sets of cards of brief quotes and leadership insights to encourage and support both experienced and emerging leaders.

Hosting a Hunger Meal: This experiential meal illuminates hunger and poverty in the world.

LPF Youth Website

The Path of Hope (Wall of Hope)
Over 100 peace and justice successes throughout history: Exhibit, activities, handouts, resources.
More than 600 churches and groups have found this helps inspire and encourage faithful action for justice and peace. Timeline of events: (pdf) (html) español Versión en español

Peacemaking In Challenging Times - Plumbing the riches of Lutheran insight, experience, and tradition.

Peace Points Starters - Resources for creating or strengthening a peace-focused session for youth

Reclaim the Season! - Peace & justice living and giving – especially appropriate at Christmas; useful throughout the year.
in Spanish: español¡Recobra la Epoca!
Maneras Creativas de Celebrar la Navidad y Florecer en Fidelidad.

Recommended Computer Games

Resources for Parents, Especially on the New Media

Treasures in Heaven, Treasures on Earth

What is Christian Peacemaking? - This popular activity explores the breadth and depth of the biblical vision of Shalom, peace, justice, community, wholeness. One to six session resource with additional questions and activities to build on or expand the impact of "Jesus’ Way of Shalom"
2 page version, 8 page version.
in Spanish: español¿Qué significa pacificación cristiana? - el papel de pacificador esta enraizado en nuestra experiencia de un Dios quien es paz, quien nos da paz, y quien nos llama a ser parte de la paz y la justicia.

Using Films to Teach Peace & Justice (pdf)

Peace Bibliography for Children, Parenting, Youth

FAVAN, Families Creating a Circle of Peace,* Family Pledge of Nonviolence, videos, curricula, school packages etc: Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill, call to action on media violence (Crown, 1999); Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Families Valued* (Friendship, ‘96)…
Patty Wipfler, Listening to Children, Quality Time, Playlistening… unusually insightful booklet series (; Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn, Everyday Blessings* (Hyperion, ‘97); Stephen Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families (FranklinCovey, ‘97); William Martin, Parent’s Tao Te Ching also: Kohn, Edelman,* McGinnis,*
K. Louise Schmidt, Transforming Abuse, nonviolent responses to abuse of women and children (New Society, ‘95); Paul Kivel, Young Men’s Work (Hazeldon, ‘95) ; Michael Paymar, Violent No More, (Hunter House, ‘93); Mary Pipher, The Shelter of Our Families,* Reviving Ophelia* (Putnam, ‘94, ‘97); Paul Loeb, Generation at the Crossroads,* activist youth (Rutgers, ‘94)… also: Levine, Pollack, Schor, Shur, Silverstein and Rashbaum

The above references are an excerpt from:
Transforming Our World - A compact “best of the best” catalog of the most useful books, manuals, and websites, selected by teachers, researchers, parents, and activists from the Peace and Justice Resource Center.

Conflict transformation Resources for Families and Children

Center for Media Literacy, fine videos and discussion helps for parents and young people on media violence (800/226-9494,

Families Creating a Circle of Peace,*  pledge of nonviolence, resources, e-news, videos... (Parenting for Peace & Justice, 314/533-4445,

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill, eloquent call to action on media violence (Crown, ‘99)

Marshall Rosenberg, “Raising Children Compassionately,”* “Hearing the Yes in the No,” others, among the best materials (;

Patty Wipfler, Quality Time,* Listening Effectively to Children,* Setting Limits,* Playlistening*insightful, practical (  

others: Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Families Valued,*  putting children's needs first (Friendship, ‘96);  Tom Hampson and Loretta Whalen, Tales of the Heart, superb manual (Friendship, ‘97) Sambhava and Josette Luvmour, Everyone Wins, 150 cooperative games (New Society, ‘90); William Martin, Parent’s Tao Te Ching (Marlowe, ’99); James & Kathy McGinnis, Parenting for Peace and Justice: 10 Years Later, very useful (Orbis, ‘90); Michael True, Ordinary People: Family Life and Global Values (23rd Publications); Susanne Wichert, Keeping the Peace, conflict ed. for preschoolers (New Society); Peacemaking for Young People (PJRC)

The above references are an excerpt from: Conflict Transformation Resources

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Top Ten List (pdf, html)
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