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Nobel Laureates Appeal Discussed in Lutheran Theology Journal
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Rev. Barbara Rossing lifts up the Nobel Peace Laureates Appeal and its potential as a prophetic and creative ELCA response to the millennium. Dr. Rossing develops these ideas in her article, "Standing at the Door of a New Millennium: Economy, Eschatology, and Hope" which appears in the Fall 1998 volume of dialog, a Lutheran theology journal.

Barbara sees in the millennium an opportunity for the church to lift up a prophetic critique on behalf of the marginalized of the world. Specifically, she challenges church leaders to claim the millennium theme of Revelation 20, "the only chapter of the New Testament that actually formulates the concept of a millennium," because "others are poised to claim it and define it for us."

The article suggests that just as "Christians could not rush into the cultural celebrations of the 1992 Columbus Quincentenary without calling for repentance, such calls for repentance and renewal must be central to any millennium observance. We must offer a vision of life and hope for all."

Among her ideas for the ELCA response to the millennium was the Nobel Peace Laureates Appeal. LPF and ten ELCA synod assemblies are mentioned for their support of this call to designate the years 2001-2010 as a "Decade for a Culture of Nonviolence." If you would like more information on the Nobel Laureates Appeal, contact the LPF office.

Lutheran Peace Fellowship's landmines worship resource is included in the new book, Our Prayers Rise Like Incense: Liturgies for Peace published by Pax Christi. It includes 27 services for the liturgical calendar and another 24 vigils, prayer services, and fasts on other themes. For more information, contact Pax Christi, 532 West 8th St, Erie, PA 16502; 814-453-4955, e-mail:

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