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These days, engaging videos are a click away; videos that can both inform and inspire us. 

Popular in-depth shows can be excellent for small group discussion.  Everyone can:
(1) be informed together; 
(2) be inspired by what women can achieve; 
(3) share insights and knowledge with one another; 
(4) get to know other group members better, especially their perspectives and strengths;
(5) sense the partnerships possible – even across cultures -- when women are united in common goals.

For videos of shorter lengths, especially on women's issues nationally in the U.S., please see our women's action guides ("Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls" and "Nurturing Peace: the Gifts of Women") as well as LPF's guide to other Women´s Peace Resources.  They offer links to some of the many organizations that offer brief and compelling videos about the issues and their mission.

Tips for making the most of your video watching:
lways have materials handy to jot down phrases or impressions that stand out for you.
Be aware of what inspires you.  What did you find meaningful?
Consider what you will do with the new knowledge you have gained.  What next steps can you take?

Overview of women's issues

Joan Chittister   The New Violence and Its Unexpected Victims (1:10:52 min.)

Gloria Steinem   Feminist cause is 'more' urgent today (3:03 min.)
Full interview (25 min.) in two parts:

Women and the Environment

Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva.  "Serving the Earth and How Women Can Address Climate Crisis" at International Women's Earth and Climate Initiative Summit 2013.  Click here for the extended interview  (87:02 min.) or watch short excerpts below:
Part 1  (12:10 min.)

Part 2  (12:06 min.)

Sex Trafficking

Swanee Hunt: Womenetics Global Women's Initiative: "The Ripple Effect"  (56:46 min.)  Combatting sex trafficking by focusing not on supply and distribution, but on the demand.

Women Peacebuilding

Tecla Wanjala      Women as Peace Builders in Africa  (58:39 min.)  Peace activist describes the role of African women in peacemaking, from her perspective as a social worker and director of the Kenya Peace and Development Network.

Worldwide Movement

One Billion Rising: Global Movement to End Violence Against Women.  A video from Democracy Now on this movement launched in over 200 countries on Valentine's Day, Feb 14, 2014.  A full transcript is  included here (11 min.)


PBS Documentaries

These websites also offer us ample reading about the issues related to their film productions.

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. PBS four-hour event.  Women addressing "the linked problems of sex trafficking and forced prostitution, gender-based violence, and maternal mortality."
short trailer:

Women, War and Peace.  PBS five-part documentary series.
"The most comprehensive global media initiative ever mounted on the roles of women in war and peace."
short trailer:


Links to full episodes:

  • I Came to Testify. 16 Bosnian women's courage leads to new international laws about sexual violence in war.
  • Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  Liberian women in a brutal civil war win peace for their shattered country. 
  • Peace Unveiled. Afghan women risk their lives to ensure that women’s rights don’t get traded away in U.S. and Taliban peace talks.
  • The War We Are Living.  Two women stand up for terrorized and displaced Colombians in a violent struggle over their gold-rich lands.
  • War Redefined.   Incisive interviews that challenge the conventional wisdom about war and peace being men’s domain.

Compiled by Lily R. Wu with thanks to Alan Forsberg.

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