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The aim of the site, EYEGK is to give you general information about the eye. It is for on-going health education. It is not to be used only when you have eye problems but before you develop them. At no point can this information replace your doctor. has helped many people with not only medical queries but also with their science projects. It uses simple language instead of complex medical terminology. 

This page will help you solve any problems in using the site. This is site for YOU; for all people everywhere. Please let me know if you would like more assistance or information at any point. Kindly fill in the guest book form for this purpose.

To know more about the structure of the eye go to Eye Anatomy. Want to know about vision testing , visit Eye Exams. If you already possess this information, and want to learn about some eye disease, click Eye problems. You can actually experience first hand how the vision is in a cataract/glaucoma/macular hole. Did you know Diabetes and high blood pressure affect the eye? Click on Systemic Diseases to see these in detail. Does your child cross his eyes sometimes? Go to Child's eye for more info. Involved in vehicular accidents, learn about Eye Injury. You are hale and hearty and wish to remain so, learn the Healthy Habits. Just having fun, visit FAQ and fun facts. Want to contribute something, visit the guest book.

Attempt has been made to make the topic brief. Controversies have been left out. Common life situations have been quoted to help you connect yourself to the discussions. There is a Search Page to help you to locate, in EYEGK, the topic/term you are curious about. Links to other eye-related information sites are provided. We will continue to add pictures, data, newer developments in this field and strive to improve the output for YOU.

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