Till the breath of Bridget's fire

Reaches the ice caps of my soul

I shall stand, a frozen pillar

Testament to Winter's Chill.

~Mia Shadows



This is where the shadows come to lie. My shadows, my words, my soul... I am Maria Kay (Mia or Shadow, although you DO realize this is a pen name dont you?? DONT YOU!!!!!????) and I welcome you to my page. This used to be The ShadowZone, now Shadow's Walk, I started it waaaaaaay back in 1997??? I think? gotta check on that. Anyway, I've made other pages, but this one's the oldest and I've decided to put archives of all the other pages on here. But this isnt about the past, its about the future.... my future, and the freeing of my soul. Expect odd shit. 9-17-05
I have featured an artist who's art is found on the Magic the Gathering cards; copy right to Wizards of the Coast. All rights reserved. The artist is the very talented R. Guay. I am a big fan of art in all of its forms, and I collect the cards for their excellent art and wonderfully witty humor. If you have never picked up one of these cards, go to a hobby shop or just about anywhere and check them out! Even if you don't want to play the game, they are a piece of art in and of themselves.

last updated 9-17-05 although no new poems yet, just me talking... sorry about that.

Disclaimer: I claim none of the artwork or graphics as mine, they are all copywrited to their owners or are freeware. All poems are copywrited to me, Maria Kay and should not be used or copied without my permission. If anything on this site offends anyone, please exercise your own freedom of speech and sign my guest book or email me. Otherwise, go away. ~Mia

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