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My girlfirend and I drove from Central Florida to Marietta, GA to look at a car we had just used the buy it now option on. It was a Pearl White g20t from Marietta Sportscars. We had read the descrition and everything seemed good. Lots of good feedback as well. We were in for a big surprise.

As we pull in we notice the small dealership is chuck full of European cars(bmw, MB, VW, etc.) And there stands the pretty pearl white g20. We are greeted by Billy the sales person we had spoken to. As i start to inspect the car i notice that it doesn't have real parking lights, but instead it has strobe lights. I also notice that it has a lot of aftermarket wiring that has been done. All of which was done incorrectly. The aftermarket airhorn which had been installed was not funcional and the only strobe that worked was some strobe light in the engine bay. Keep in mind the only modification mentioned about the car was the fact it had an exhaust. The motor mounts were also shot on the car, it had numerous bruns on the headliner, tear in the rear door and the driver side belt fastener looked like a dog had nawed on it. But we decide to take a test drive. We get on the road and the car respondes and handles just like a G20 should and the exhaust was surprisingly quiet other than the occasional rattle. I then notice that a couple lights on the radio display don't work. We pull into a industrial park to switch drivers and I ask my girlfriend to turn both switches on to see if the strobes evne worked. I start to hear a clicking noise. I pop the hood and right by the radiator I see a yellow light. Upon further inspection it is two wires that had been cut that were arcing and sparking. This is highly dangerous since its in the engine bay. All this was not mentioned in the add instead it says they won't mention stuff they feel is not improtant. So I guess they don't think the following things to be important

1. rip in leather doors
2. burns/stains in headliner
3. nawing of seatbelt fastners
4 aftermarket electrical wiring that has been done in a shoddy non"factory" looking manner
5. open sparks in the engine bay that could/may ignite gas fumes and or exhaust fumes.

Not only all of that but after I told Billy of the problems he got very upset and would not even shake my hand after I told him that we would not be purshasing the car. I feel this is very unbecoming of a business person. Below is my background so that you see where I am coming from:

Owner of a performance shop for Nissans cars only. I have supplied information to local Nissan dealerships and Infiniti Dealerships. I specialize in the Sr20de motor which is found in all G20s no matter what production date. I have also done aftermarket electronic installations and I am currently a Mechanical Engineering Student at University of South Florida. I can not speak for the other cars on the lot, but I can speak for this car. DO NOT BUY IT unless it is way under $12,500. If you need further info please e-mail to
Also if you look carefully at the feedback you will notice were some people put positive then responded back with negative because of problems they found.  Think these are just the people that actually came back to ebay to respond God knows how many other beaters they have possibly sold.  People with positive comments also constantly mention that the description of the car was not correct.  They put a disclaimer on their websaite which is not even legally binding due to the fact its based on opnion only.  Very shadey

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