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Hey Now!! Thanks for stopping by my Web Site. My name is Shawn Marks and I live in New York. My intrests are The Grateful Dead, Firefighting, Ems, Music (guitarist of 9yrs) and much more. Feel free to check out my Intrest links below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Again, thanks for stopping by.

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Here are my interest links!

Grateful Dead Stuff
Contians misc. Dead Stuff, my Autograph Collection, Dead Memorabelia, and Misc. Rock-n-Roll items I own.

Fire/EMS Page
I'm currently a Captain in a Volunteer FD, and Lieutenant/EMT/Driver in a local Rescue Squad. View our Apparatus or check out the links included.

Music/Tab Page
Guitarist of 9 years, some tab links and a few misc. items.

Wüzzle's Domain
Link to the most ferocious feline in the world! BEWARE!!!

Pooh Page
Its Here!! The Tribute to Pooh! You only have 5 seconds to laugh. Ahh times up!

New Addition 2/2000!!!

Proud Triumph Owner, Need I Say More?

Here are a few of my freinds Web Sites!!

Steve's Dead Graphics
This is a link to the kind fella who provided some of the graphics you see here on my page, give him a look!!

Hoodly's Links
My Bro Hoods links page..good stuff contained within, great EMS/Medical information site, check him out!

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