These commons are sorted by team.  The majority are from the late 80's and early 90's.
Duplicates included.  Most mint.  Priced as follows:

                             200-count box   $2.99
                             400-count box   $4.99
                             800-count box   $7.99 
                             plus actual shipping.

                                   200-ct   400-ct   800-ct
             Atlanta Braves           X        X  
             Cleveland Indians        X        X
             Chicago White Sox        X        X        X
             Cincinatti Reds          X    
             Houston Astros           X        X
             Kansas City Royals       X        X
             Milwaukee Brewers        X        X
             Minnesota Twins          X        X  
             Montreal Expos           X        X
             Oakland A's              X        X
             Pittsburg Pirates        X
             San Diego Padres         X        X
             San Francisco Giants     X        X
             Seattle Mariners         X        X
             Texas Rangers            X        X        X
             Toronto Blue Jays        X        X

Completing a set?  Commons available from the following sets for 10 cents each.

1982 Donruss #1-652.
1986 Topps #1-785.
1988 Donruss #1-660.
1988 Fleer #1-553.
1988 Score #1-553.
1988 Topps #1-714.
1989 Donruss #1-653.
1989 Fleer #1-560.
1990 Upper Deck.

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