1887 Kimball
  Tommy Warren (blank back, proof?), PR, $50.  (Image)

1890 Mayo
  Billy Plimmer, PR-FR, $40.  (Image)

1895 Newsboy Cabinet
  J.J. Corbett, VG (tack holes on mount), $250.  (Image)

1901 Ogden's Heroes of the Ring
  Jem Barry, PR (badly trimmed), $5.  (Image)
  Dick Burge, VG, $25.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jim Carney, GD-VG, $25.  (Image)
  Frank Craig, GD-VG, $25  (Image); GD (back variation), $25.  (Image)
  Kid McCoy, GD, $15.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Charlie Mitchell, EX, $35.  (Image)
  Pedlar Palmer, VG-, $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1901 Ogden's Tab Series A
  Dick Burge, VG, $15.  (Image)  (Reverse)
  Jim Carney, VG-, $15  (Image)  (Reverse); GD-VG, $12.  (Image)
  James Corbett, FR-GD, $15.  (Image)
  Frank Craig, VG, $25  (Image);  GD-, $15.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jim Mace, GD- (paper loss on reverse, doe not affect bio), $10.  (Image)
  Peter Maher, VG+, $15.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Kid McCoy, GD-VG, $12.  (Image - image top is cropped, card is okay)
  Kid McRutland, GD+, $10.  (Image)
  Charlie Mitchell, VG, $25  (Image)  (Reverse); VG-, $20.  (Image)
  Jack O'Brien, VG, $20   (Image)  (Reverse); FR-GD, $10.  (Image)
  Pedlar Palmer, VG+, $15.  (Image)
  Tom Sharkey, VG, $15  (Image); GD, $10.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1901 Ogden's Tab Series B
  Jake Kilrain, VG, $20.  (Image)  (Reverse)
  Jim Mace, GD-VG, $12.  (Image)  (Reverse)
  Jem Smith, VG-EX, $25  (Image)  (Reverse); GD, $10.   (Image)

1901 Ogden's Tab Series F
  Frank Craig, EX-NM, $50.  (Image)
  Sammy Kelly, VG+, $30.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jem Mace, GD-VG, $20.  (Image - top)
  Kid McCoy, GD-VG, $20.  (Image)
  Terry McGovern, VG=EX. $40.  (Image)
  Charlie Mitchell, EX- (re-inked), $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Pedlar Palmer, VG-, $15.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Gus Ruhlin, GD, $12.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Frank Slavin, VG, $25.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1902 Ogden's Tab General Interest
  Dick Burge, VG-, $14.  (Image)  (Reverse)
  Jem Carney, FR-GD, $10.  (Image)
  Joe Choyinski, VG+, $25   (Image); VG-, $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Frank Erne, GD+, $12.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1906 B.A.T. Danish Athletes
  Aage Rasmussen, FR-GD, $75.  (Image)
  Jim Schmidt & Olsen, FR-GD, $45.  (Image)
  Olsen, FR, $90.  (Image)
  V. Holberg & Aage Rasmussen, FR-GD, $45.  (Image)

1906 "1907" Postcard
  James Jeffries w/Roosevelt & Rockefeller, VG, $85.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1907 Benham Indian Trading Co. Postcard
  James Jeffries "On Guard", FR (taped), $25.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  James Jeffries "Ready", FR (taped), $25.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  James Jeffries "In Derby", FR (taped, small tears), $75.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  James Jeffries "The Knock-Out Blow", VG, $50.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1908 Ogden's Pugilists & Wrestlers
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1910 American Caramel (E75 & E76)
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1910 American Tobacco (T218)
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1910 American Tobacco (T220)
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1910 Prize Fight Series (T225)
  Complete set of 25, PR to VG, $275.  (Image 1)   (Image 2)   (Image 3)

1911 Wills
  Tommy Burns, VG, $18.  (Image)
  Jim Jeffries, EX-, $50.  (Image)

1912 Cohen Weenen
  Sam Langford, NM, $75.  (Image)  (Reverse)

1915 Cope's
  Jake Kilrain, NM-, $35.  (Image)
  Sam Langford, VG+, $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1915 Ogden's Boxers
  Joe Jeannette, EX-, $30.  (Image)
  Sam Langford, GD (pinhole), $25.  (Image)   (Reverse)

c1918 Realphoto Postcard
  Jack Dempsey, EX, $350.  (Image)

1920'S W580 Boxers
  10-card uncut strip w/Jack Johnson, GD-VG (water stain), $25.  (Image - several in stock, image is representative)

1921 Exhibit
  Johnny Coulon, VG-, $10.
  Leach Cross, VG- (small water stain), $10.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jack Dempsey, VG-EX, $55.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jack Dillon, FR-GD, $7.
  Fred Fulton, GD (tack hole), $10.  (Image)
  Tommy Gibbons, front GD-VG, reverse PR (glued), $5.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Johnnie Griffiths, VG, $12.
  Joe Jeannette, EX-NM, $50.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Packey McFarland, VG, $12.
  Owen Moran, GD-VG, $8.
  Jack O'Brien, VG- (small water stain), $10.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  John L. Sullivan, VG, $50.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Freddie Walsh, GD, $7.

1922 "The Champion"
  Joe Beckett, EX, $6.
  Johnny Buff, NM-, $7.
  Georges Carpentier, S/O.  
  Jack Dempsey, GD+, $7  (Image-Right).
  Frank Goddard, S/O.
  Pete Herman, S/O.
  Mike Honeyman, EX-NM, $6.
  Benny Leonard, S/O.
  Kid Lewis, S/O.
  Boy McCormick, GD+, $2.
  Ernie Rice, NM, $8; VG, $3.
  Billy Wells, NM-, $8.
  Jimmy Wilde, S/O.
  Johnny Wilson, EX, $4.

1923 Burstein Issacs Famous Prize-Fighters
  Joe Beckett, VG, $10.   (Image)
  Battling Siki, VG, $30.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jess Willard, EX, $50.  (Image)

1923 Exhibit
  Georges Carpentier, VG- (small water stain), $10.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Eddie McGoarty, VG, $15.
  Dave Shade, GD (paper loss on reverse), $10.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jess Willard, VG- (small water stain), $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1923 "The Rocket" Famous Knock-Outs
  Johnson-Burns, EX, $25.
  Lewis-Basham, EX, $10; GD-VG, $5.
  Wells-Curphey, GD, $3.

1924 Exhibit
  Harry Wills, front GD-VG, reverse PR (glued), $75.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1925 Teofani
 Dixie Kid, NM, $50.  (Image)

c1926 Exhibit Blue Boxers
  Mushy Callahan, NM, $25.  (Image)
  Leo Lomski, EX-NM, $20  (Image); EX+, $15.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Tommy Loughran, NM-, $20.  (Image)
  Sammy Mandell, NM, $25.  (Image)
  Johnny Risko, NM, $20.  (Image)
  Jack Sharkey, NM-, $45.  (Image)
  Bud Taylor, NM, $20.  (Image)
  Billy Willace, NM, $20.  (Image)

c1927 Realphoto Postcard
  Jack Dempsey, VG-, $75.  (Image)

1928 Churchman Men of the Moment in Sport
  Gene Tunney, EX-NM, $25.  (Image)

c1928 Exhibit Fancy Script Blue Boxers
  Bennie Bass, NM-, $65.  (Image)
  Bat Battalino, NM, $55.  (Image)
  Primo Carnera, NM, $65  (Image); GD-VG (ink mark on reverse), $20.  (Image)
  Primo Carnera, NM (tint), $65.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jackie Fields, NM, $60.  (Image)
  Max Schmeling, EX-NM, $55  (Image); VG+, $40.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Al Singer, NM, $65  (Image); VG, $20.  (Image)
  James Slattery, NM, $40  (Image); EX+, $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Mickey Walker, NM, $75.  (Image)

c1930 Exhibit Heavyweights
  Primo Carnera, GD-VG (coupon back, pinholes), $25.  (Image)
  Jack Dempsey (portrait), EX-, $50.  (Image)
  Jack Dempsey (portrait, ad back), VG+, $50.  (Image)
  Jack Dempsey (sweater & bow tie, coupon back), VG, $75.  (Image)
  Gene Tunney (portrait), EX, $60.  (Image)
  Tunney vs. Sharkey Table of Comparison, VG, $50.  (Image)

1930's to 1950's Exhibit
  Slug (Fox Combo), GD, $10.  (Image)
  Jersey Joe Walcott, EX (light pencil marking on reverse), $10.  (Image)

1931 Churchman Sporting Celebrities
  Max Schmeling, NM, $25.  (Image)

1932 Bulgaria Sport Tobacco (Germany)
  Max Schmeling w/mother, VG, $10.

1932 Player Dandies
  James J. Corbett, NM, $15: EX, $10.

1932 Wills Homeland Events
  Carnera-Meen Big Fight, EX-NM, $15.

1933 Sport Kings
  Jack Dempsey, VG, $75.   (Image)

1934 Gallaher Champions "A" Series
  Primo Carnera, EX, $10; VG, $5.
  Jack Petersen, EX, $3.

1935 Carreras Popular Personalities
  Len Harvey, EX, $10.   (Image)

1935 Gallaher Champions 2nd Series
  Larry Gains, NM, $5.
  Len Harvey, EX-NM, $4.
  Harry Mizler, EX-NM, $4.

1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye   (Image)
  Max Baer, S/O.
  Jim Braddock, S/O.
  George Cook, NM, $3.
  Len Harvey, NM-, $3.
  Jack Petersen, NM, $3.

1935 Pattreiouex Sporting Events and Stars
  Jimmy Braddock, S/O.
  Jackie Brown, EX+, $10.

1936 Ardath Photocards
  Harry Mizler, NM, $5. 

1937 Doughnut Corp.
  Jack Dempsey, GD (removed from album), $350  (Image)   (Reverse); FR (paper residue on reverse), FR, $250.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  John L. Sullivan, VG (removed from album), $450.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1937 Wills British Sporting Personalities
  Jimmy Walsh, NM, $10.

1938 Cartledge Famous Prize Fighters
  Bob Fitzsimmons, NM, $30.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  John L. Sullivan, NM, $45.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1938 Churchman Boxing Personalities
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1939 Ardath Photocards
  Arthur Danahar, NM, $5.  (Image)

1939 U.T.C. (South Africa)
  Joe Louis, GD-VG, $50.  (Image)   (Reverse)

1942-3 Adam Hats Matchcovers
  Bob Fitzsimmons, EX, $25.  (Image)
  James Jeffries, EX, $25.  (Image)
  Joe Lynch, EX, $10.  (Image)
  Terry McGovern, EX, $15.  (Image)
  Jimmy McLarnin, EX, $10.  (Image)
  Joe Walcott, EX, $15.  (Image)

1945 Autographs Game Card
  Jack Dempsey, S/O.
  Joe Louis, EX, $15; VG, $10.

1947 Cummings Famous Fighters
  Jim Cameron; NM, $6.
  Georges Carpentier; NM, $10.
  Al Chavez; NM, $8.
  Jack Dempsey; NM, $30.
  Jake Kilrain; EX-NM, $8.
  Tami Mauriello; NM, $6.
  Dado Marino; NM, $6.
  Don McCorkingdale; NM-, $5.
  Rinty Monaghan; NM, $6.
  K.O. Morgan, NM-, $5.
  Jackie Peterson; NM, $6.
  Billy Thompson, NM, $6.

1950's Buitoni
  "What a Breeze", NM, $20.  (Image)

1950's Heinerle (Germany)
  Joe Louis,  VG-, $35.   (Image)
  Sugar Ray Robinsson, VG-, $35.
  Max Schmeling (vs. Peter Muller), EX-NM, $25.

1951 Berk Ross
  Ezzard Charles, VG-EX, $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Jake LaMotta, VG, $25.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Joe Maxim, VG-EX, $20.  (Image)   (Reverse)
  Ike Williams, EX, $25.   (Image)   (Reverse)

1951 Topps Ringside
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1954 A. & B. C. Gum
  Jack Dempsey, VG, $35  (Image); VG-, $30.   (Image)
  "Ginger" John, VG, $5.   (Image)
  Sam Langford (not the Canadian), VG, $5.   (Image)
  Les Morgan, VG-EX, $7.   (Image)
  J. Thurgood, VG, $5.   (Image)
  B. Wells, VG, $5.   (Image)

1956 Adventure
  Jim Corbett, NM, $12.   (Image)
  Jack Dempsey, NM, $25.   (Image)
  Bob Fitzsimmons, NM, $12.   (Image)
  Jim Jeffries, NM, $12   (Image); NM-, $10.
  Jack Johnson, MN, $25.   Image) 
  Sugar Ray Robinson (vs. Olson), NM, $15.
  John L. Sullivan, NM, $25.   (Image)
  Gene Tunney, EX, $6.
  Jess Willard, NM, $12.   (Image)

1959 Top Flight Stars
  Ingemar Johanssen, NM, $15.
  Peter Keenan, NM, $8.
  Sugar Ray Robinson, MT, $40   (Image); NM-, $25.

c1960 Sweden
  Ingemar Johansson, GD, $5   (Image - Right); FR, $3.   (Image - Left)
  Floyd Patterson, VG-EX, $12   (Image - Right); FR, $3.   (Image - Left)

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