In many ways, the 1920's and 1930's were the apex of pen and pencil making. Despite the Depression and tough economic times, manufacturers continued to craft beautiful and functional writing instruments, and people continued to buy them. For many, a fine writing instrument was an "affordable luxury." Part of the joy of collecting them is imaging the pride and utility afforded the original owner.

Unlike mint "limited edition" collectible pens and pencils which are marketed today (and they are just that - a marketing ploy), these pencils were actually intended to be used. As such, their condition reflects this, and in some ways, adds to their appeal.

These pencils are graded using the following guidelines:

Like New: At first glance, appears new. Minor flaws may be detected upon closer examination. Less than 5% qualify for this category.

Gently Used: Minor nicks, scratches, or brassing from moderate usage. Neat and clean. Very presentable. No serious defects. Approximately 10% to 15% fit this category.

Average: Shows regular usage. May have a nick, scratch, or brassing that detracts from appearance, or missing an eraser or ring. 40% to 60% of pencils fall into this category.

Below Average: Shows heavy usage with at least one serious flaw. About 20% to 30% fit this category.

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