This card deck is sure to enliven the conversation at your next bridge
or poker party.  The deck is a standard 54-card deck except that the 
kings and queens have been brought up to date.  Each face card is a
political cartoon depicting a contemporary world leader.  This set was
produced in Germany in 1992 when things were popping in the Soviet
Union (former), Poland (former), and Iraq (still there for now).  The 
set includes:

              Butros Ghali                Hans Dietrich Genscher
              George Bush                 Boris Yeltsin
              Felipe Gonzalez             Richard von Weizsacker
              Vaclav Havel                Giulio Andreotti
              Francois Mitterrand         Paul Schluter
              Rita Sussmuth               John Major
              James Baker                 Gianni de Michelis
              Bjorn Engholm               Yitzchak Shamir
              Helmut Kohl                 Kiichi Miyazawa

The complete deck is $ 9.95 plus shipping.                   

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