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John Dhani Lennevald ( Dancer, guitarist, singer )


Born: the 24th of July 1984, at Danderyds hospital

Sign: Leo

Family: Mum- Elisabeth, dad- Bejje and big sister Dinah.

Pets: Two big fat cats, Molle and Elvis. Two canaries without names.

Favorite food: Chicken fillet with avoririce.

Favorite film: Help, I can't think of anyone right now.

Favorite artist/band: Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill among others.

Favorite color: Blue.

Most embarrassing moment: Where shall I begin?

My motto is:"It always works out".

Favorite TV-program: "Late Evening with Luuk"

Favorite record: Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton unplugged among others

Favorite book: Forrest Gump

Favorite actor: Robert Gustavsson, Tom Hanks, and Jim Carrey

First bought record: Green Day

Favorite song with ABBA: Lay all your love on me, Mamma Mia.

Marie Eleonor Serneholt ( Dancer, singer )

Nickname: "Marre", "Wipz", "Skalleper"

Born: the 11th of July 1983, Stockholm

Sign: Cancer

Family: Dad- Ronny, mum- Lotta, sister- Malou and brother- Jonas.

Pets: No, but I had a "hopping bean" once!

Favorite food: May I say candy? No, but I love pasta.

Favorite film: "Show Me Love"

Favorite artist/band: No one particular, but I like Robyn, she«s an amazing artist.

Favorite color: - hmm...hmm.. That all depends on in what kind of moods I am and which season it is. If I shall mention some, it's; Red, cerise pink, black and grey

Most embarrassing moment: I do embarrassing things every day... I like to embarrass my self, sometimes on purpose.

My motto is: "Be yourself and believe in yourself, if you want to get anywhere"

Favorite TV-program: I like soaps

Favorite actor: At the moment it«s Alexander Skarsgärd (son of Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgärd)

First bought record:I don«t remember...probably not a good one!

Favorite song with ABBA: Mamma Mia, Our Last Summer, Summer Night City and so on...

Sara Helena Lumholdt ( Dancer, singer )

Nickname: Saris

Born: 25th of October 1984, in Stockholm, at Karolinska in Stockholm.

Sign: Scorpio

Family: Mother Gunnel, father Peter, sister Anna

Pets: Haven't got any. Favorite pet is dog.

Favorite food: Spaghetti with meatsouce.

Favorite film: Circle of Friends

Favorite artist/band: Cajsa Lisa Ejemyr, Eminem

Favorite color: Blue


Most embarrassing moment: Fell in the big stairs at the Sergel cinema

My motto is: Live your life!!

Favorite TV- program: Friends

Favorite record: Pulp Fiction

Favorite actor: Joshua Jackson

First bought record: MN8, I've got a little something for you

Favorite song with ABBA: Our last summer

Amit Sebastian Paul ( Dancer, keyboarder, singer )

Nickname: Amit

Born: 29th of October 1983, Boden (north of Sweden)

Sign: Scorpio

Family: A little sister Mandi, Swaraj and Ann-Christin

Pets: None (allergic sister)

Favorite food: Entrecot with wooked vegetables and fried potatoes is high on my list.

Favorite film: StarWars trilogy, The Rock 2

Favorite artist/band: Eminem is good.. haven't really got any favorite artists

Favorite color: Yellow, varm yellow is nice, I've got it in my room.

Most embarrassing moment: I have done so much, that I don't remember anything particular!!

My motto is: "Always look at the bright side of life (with following melody)". (This is after Monte Pythons wonderful film Life of Brian)

Favorite TV- program: I don't know

Favorite record: At the moment it's Eminem: The Slim Shady LP

Favorite book: The Lord of the rings trilogy, but also Robert Jordan is very good.

Favorite actor: Björn Kjellman

First bought record: I don't remember, but I believe it was some compilation album.

Favorite song with ABBA: People need love and He is brother.

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