File Format for B-Format

The ".amb" Format

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With Ambisonic technology, the directionality of the sound field is composed of spherical harmonic components. The zero-order component is termed W and is omnidirectional. The first-order components are figure-of-eight (lemniscate) responses which point forward, left and up. These are termed X, Y and Z, respectively. There are also second-order components, and higher. The collection of components of a soundfield is termed B-Format.

To be played, B-Format needs to be decoded, by an Ambisonic decoder, into a set of speaker feeds.

An official file format for downloadable B-Format files has been defined to allow easy exchange of audio files. The file format is in the public domain for anybody to use. It has been carved in stone and cannot be changed. Here are the details:

Many people already offer plug-ins and other Ambisonic software. Such people are encouraged to support the above format (in addition to other formats).

Ambisonic file formats

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