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Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ

Section 17

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17. Have Ambisonic decoders been manufactured commercially?


Minim Electronics Limited marketed a range of three decoders, the AD 7, AD 8 and AD 10, and also a printed circuit board module for enthusiasts to incorporate into their own projects.

IMF Electronics assisted in the development of Ambisonics and manufactured a decoder, the D20B. Part of the company was resurrected under the name TDL Electronics Limited, but it is unlikely that they have had any interest in Ambisonics.

TDL Electronics Limited
Unit 2, Pilot Trading Estate
High Wycombe
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1494-441191
Fax: +44-1494-461803

Up to 1981, Integrex Limited offered an Ambisonic decoder which could decode SQ, QS, UMX and Matrix H/HJ as well as UHJ. The Company is alive and kicking, but no longer has any involvement in Ambisonics or the hi-fi business.

Integrex Limited
Portwood Industrial Estate
Church Gresley
Derbyshire DE11 9PT
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1283-551551
Fax: +44-1283-550325
Web: <>

Abacoid Limited produced a Professional Ambisonic Decoder, the PAD 9211. Does anybody know if the Company still exists? The phone number listed in previous versions of this FAQ is no longer a business number.

Abacoid Limited
110A St Margarets Road
London W7 2HF
United Kingdom

Troy manufactured an Ambisonic Processor [Decoder], the TA 110P, for use in the car. They currently have no plans to restart manufacture.

Alan Sexton
Charters Road
Berkshire SL5 9QD
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1344-21552

NAD developed inexpensive Ambisonic decoders. Does anybody know if they were ever offered for sale? The phone number listed in previous versions of this FAQ is no longer a business number.

683 High Street
North Finchley
London N12
United Kingdom

Mitsubishi developed a home-theatre pre-amp, the DA-P7000, which incorporated an Ambisonic decoder. The prototype was displayed in Abbey Road Studios, United Kingdom, in 1991. Does anybody know if it was ever offered for sale?

Mitsubishi Electric UK Ltd
Travellers Lane
Hertfordshire AL10 8XB
Phone: +44-1707-276100
fax: +44-1707-278690

And one for our antipodean readers; Audiotech Industries offered an Ambisonic decoder. Details anyone? The phone is disconnected and the company is not listed in either the 1996 or the 1997 phone books.

Audiotech Industries
PO Box 8756
New Zealand
Phone: +64-9-587-386

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