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Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ

Section 21

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21. From where can I obtain more information?

There are several Web sites devoted to Ambisonic Surround Sound. These are listed on my Ambisonic Web site, details of which are at the start of Section 1 of this FAQ.

If you have a technical bent then you should obtain and read some of the references listed in References (see References). I recommend particularly the Gerzon 1985 reference. Next best are the Woodgate 1994 and Sommerwerck 1984 references.

If you want to know what Ambisonic Surround Sound sounds like, but cannot arrange to hear it for yourself, the results of an extensive domestic listening test are described in the Attewell 1982 reference.

Further information on Ambisonics is available from the Ambisonic and B-format User Group run by Donald G Maclennan. ABUG is an informal group of about 180 devotees. Donald keeps a database of members' interests and he is happy to put people whose interests overlap in touch with each other. The membership includes people from the pro sound industry, journalism, academia, and individuals like me who are just interested.

Donald G Maclennan
51 Hillside Avenue
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