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Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ

Section 22

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22. What about recording and studio processing?

This FAQ is aimed at the domestic listener. Recording and studio processing are two areas of Ambisonic technology that have been omitted deliberately - the topics deserve an FAQ of their own, but somebody else will have to create it. As an interim measure, this Section lists the contact details of companies involved in these areas. Please contact them directly; I do not work in the pro audio industry and have limited knowledge of it. Be aware that, in general, equipment designed for the pro audio market is more expensive than domestic equipment.


Recording of acoustic music by means of ambisonic surround technology for current stereo reproduction as well as future surround sound release. Employing the 24-bit Nagra-D digital multitrack and the SoundField microphone, SurroundWorks is available in the studio or on location either as a primary or as a secondary archival production system.

21 Millay Place
Mill Valley
CA 94941
Phone: +1-415-380-8273
Fax: +1-415-380-9414
E-mail: ambisonx
Contact: Jeffrey Silberman

SoundField Ltd.

Products: Multi-capsule microphone systems.

SoundField Ltd.
Charlotte Street Business Centre
Charlotte Street
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1924 201089
Fax: +44 (0)1924 290460
E-mail: sales
Web: <>
Contact: Richard Bacon - Technical Sales

AGM Digital (Deutschland)

Re-launch of four capsuled microphone array and processing system, and Encoding and Decoding systems. Have a look at the Web page for the latest news. Also, recording sevices and equipment rental.

AGM Digital (Deutschland)
Postfach 1112
D-82451 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Phone: +49 8821 947161
Fax: +49 8821 947450
E-mail: anthonym
Web: <>
Contact: Anthony G Morris

Lake DSP Pty. Ltd.

[In 2004/2005, Lake Technology Limited was taken over by Dolby Laboratories.]

Digital signal processing hardware and software systems for audio applications. These include tools for long convolution filtering and room acoustic measurements, real-time acoustic simulation using synthesised B-Format Ambisonics (with support for arbitrary sized and shaped loudspeaker arrays and binaural decoding), and comprehensive support for custom application programming.

Lake DSP Pty. Ltd.
Suite 1501
33 Bligh St.
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Phone: +61 2 233 8655
Fax: +61 2 233 8656
E-mail: info
Web: <http://>
Contact: Leonard Layton

Audio Dimensions

Surround sound control systems manufacture: graphical interfaces supporting Ambisonics, Circle Surround, Spatial Systems and Dolby Surround. Point-of-contact for sales of Cepiar's Ambi-8x reference Ambisonic decoder. Will shortly release a four-input joystick controlled Ambisonic Pan-Rotate unit. Also, surround sound recording, effects production, sales and hire.

Audio Dimensions
22 Lisson Grove
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1752 664091
Fax: +44 (0)1752 673906
E-mail: ambisonics
Web: <>
Contact: Chris Blythe

Cepiar Limited

Reference 8-channel Ambisonic decoder, the Ambi-8x. Contact Cepiar for details of forthcoming products.

Cepiar Limited
Debden House
11 St Ethelwold's Close
Cambridgeshire CB6 3AX
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1353-666818
Fax: +44-1353-666819

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