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Stereo Mix Proposal

A proposal to include metadata in multi-channel sound files to indicate the preferred downmix to two-channel stereo.

Indoor FM Aerials

Some advice on how to maximise the signal reaching your FM tuner.

Hafler Circuit

For the financially challenged, here is a poor person's Dolby Surround decoder.

The definitive article on the Hafler Circuit was "A Year of Surround Sound" by Michael Gerzon published in Hi-Fi News, August 1971. This article is available from The Gerzon archive. (Micheal Gerzon was the "Brains" behind Ambisonics.)

Soldering Electronic Joints

How to solder electronic components using a soldering iron.

Lossless Compression

MP3 and other popular compression systems for audio use lossy compression. The DVD-Audio format includes the option of lossless compression using Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP). MLP is also incorporated into the Dolby TrueHD standard used in Blu-ray Discs. A paper describing MLP is available on the Meridian Web site. - disappeared

There are a number of systems for lossless audio compression. Robin Whittle has provided an excellent set of resources comparing many of them.

Abhinay Mukunthan has also performed a more recent comparison of the various systems available (archived on the WayBack Machine).


Ambisonics, described elsewhere on this Web site, does not address a mechanism of sound localisation called pinnae colouring. Ralph Glasgol has developed a surround sound system which does this by synthesising early reflections and reverberation. More details are available on the Ambiophonics Web page.

Dolby surround sound, THX and DTS Digital Surround

For your convenience, the excellent article, Introduction to [Dolby] surround sound by Bob Niland has been provided.

Also, links are provided to the Dolby Laboratories Inc Web page, the Lucasfilm Ltd THX Web page, and the DTS Digital Surround Web page. - disappeared



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