Two extracts from "The Librarian"

by Larry Beinhart, 2004

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"I went to war. While the rich kid over there got his father to hook him up with the National Guard. I would have more respect for him if he had gone to Canada or burned his draft card, anything, but to hide out...."

"How dare you," Scott said.

Anne Lynn [Murphy] ignored him. "All those things are on the record."

"My opponent wants you to think he's some sort of war hero," Murphy said. "He keeps staging these video events of himself riding around in a tank, or eating chow with our real fighting men and women. I think it shows a cetain contempt for all of us, that he thinks that we're so stupid that we'll see him on TV and think that he actually goes out and fights. Or that he's the kind of person who would go out and fight."

"But the truth is that he was a coward during Vietnam. He was a coward on September 11. He got in an airplane and flew away from the capital and hid out in Des Moines."

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