An extract from "The Stainless Steel Rat"

by Harry Harrison, 1961

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A long cloak would conceal the uniform while I left the hotel, but the gold-encrusted helmet and a briefcase of papers were a problem. I had never explored all the possibilities of the pseudo M-3 robot, perhaps it could be of help.

"You there, short and chunky," I called. "Do you have any concealed compartments or draws built into your steel hide? If so, let's see."

For a second I thought the robot exploded. The thing had more drawers in it than a battery of cash registers. Big, small, flat, thin, they shot out on all sides. One held a gun and two more were stuffed with grenades; the rest were empty. I put the hat in one, the briefcase in another and snapped my fingers. The drawers slid shut and its metal hide was as smooth as ever.

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