Two extracts from "Dark and Stormy Rides Again"

compiled by Scott Rice, 1996

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Those alarm things that make a real loud honking kind of noise were going off as Captain James Hurley stared at the screen that showed him the stuff that was outside in space while he sat in the chair that the captain sits in, and slowly reached for the control panel for the thing that makes the ship go real fast.

by Tom Butler, Tallahassee, Florida

Wilmer relived the deliciousness of clipping off Hollywood Barbie's long platinum hair to a rough stubble, popping off her head and gulping it down to join Malibu Barbie's and the others neatly lined up in his lower colon, then grunted ecstatically as the exquisitely bristly doll heads began their return journey to the outside world.

by Cynthia Conyers, Warner Springs, California

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