"Reasons To Be Miserable"

by Marvin, the Paranoid Android

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"Reasons To Be Miserable" was a titular paraody of "Reasons To Be Cheerful" by Ian Dury And The Blockheads. It was released by Polydor on Depressive Discs in 1981 as a double "B" side vinyl single. (The alternative title of the single was "The Double 'B'-Side".) An MP3 sound file of the "B" side (2.6 MBytes) is available, as are the lyrics.

The other "B" side of the vinyl single was called "Marvin I Love You". An MP3 sound file of the other "B" side (3.7 MBytes) is available, as are the lyrics. The part of Marvin's female admirer is sung by Kimi Wong.

People have reported difficulty listening to the MP3 sound files using the Netscape browser, but no difficulty when using Internet Explorer.

Images of the front (0.20 MBytes) and of the back (0.23 MBytes) of the sleeve are also available.

The sound files and images of the sleeve are being made available free of charge because there isn't any way to purchase the record in the shops. Many thanks to Alan Mulvie for scanning the record sleeve and producing the MP3 sound files.


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