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... and woke up outside my hotel room door, a bellboy shaking my shoulder.
"Sir ... sir."
I looked at my watch, it was two in the morning. "My key card wont work."
He bent down and took it from me. "You're in the wrong hotel, sir."
[From Don't Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs by Paul Carter, 2005]

I remember Malcolm Muggeridge confessing years ago ... how dearly he would have liked to kill an air hostess.
[From Superpig by William Rushton, 1976]

When I am shaving in the morning, I say to myself that if I were a young man I would emigrate. By the time I sit down to breakfast I ask myself "Where would I go?"
[A joke by James Callaghan, 1974, British politician]

Living abroad anywhere forces you to define, in a new way, who you are and what you believe, because when you're in the same place with the same people year after year after year you find yourself, I think, mostly surrounded by people who think pretty much the same things you do. And so you don't have to think critically or form your opinions in the same way you do when you're surrounded by people who think very differently from you.
[Lauren Beverley Davis interviewed in FreeFall Volume XVII, Number 2, 2007]

Over the years I have worked on the theory that if you have no specific destination in mind you can't be lost.
[From An Explorer's Handbook by Christina Dodwell, 1986]

Are you aware that Madison Square Garden is round, and doesn't contain any actual plant life?
[From Shh! It's a Secret by Daniel M Kimmel, 2013]

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
[Judy Garland, in the film The Wizard of Oz, 1939]

It may look beautiful to you, you're just visiting, but we have to live here.
[From The Golden Calf by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, 1931]

Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.

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