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By BigPapa

Why is Colorado ran by women?  Here is an example.  A man and a women are standing together.  But a women is holding a knife in her hand.  Women then stabs the man. Women is bloody and holding the knife.  When the cops show up, sure enough, the man goes to jail because the man is a dumb ass for “stabbing himself”.  And that is what grills my steak!

Good eats in Colorado:
BURGERS: The Thunderbird in Bolulder, Colorado.  Get the 4x4 1 pound burger.  It's good and get fries with that too.
The Netherlands in Colorado make good burgers at the grocry store.  It is called the “Mountain Burger”.  Get it with double meat and cheese.
SUBS: Sivacios (an Italian Deli in Boulder, Colorado) make the best subs.  Go for the Prime Rib sub with every thing on it.  You will not be dissapoinnted, I promise.

Unless your mom!
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