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Exclusive Castlevania Dracula X passwords by Master Phred. Please use these pics for private use only. Thank you.
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This Belmont is off tha richta!  Get it... Richter Belmont... never mind. Welcome to my Castlevania Dracula X Passwords page.  Here you will find Castlevania X passwords for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and that is about all.  This page was made because there were only a few different passwords on the net and most sites had the same codes.  So I decided to figure out as many different codes as I could and then make a website about them.  Here, you will find GIF images with all of the codes I figured out when I was bored, or you can download a text version for your printer.  Enjoy!

To the right is a quick example of how I have my GIF images set up.  There are seven regular stages and two alternate stages (the stages with a ’ apostrophe mark are alternate paths that you can take in the game).  Also, depending on which alternate path you take, you can get three different endings.  There will be the words ‘Bad’, ‘Good’, and ‘Best’ after levels 6 and 7.  The password is in the middle of the GIF and the weapon/item you start out with is in the space to the top-left.  Enjoy! GIF LEGEND


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Click HERE to view a printable version for these passwords.
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Stage 1

Stage 2 Stage 2 item Axe Stage 2 item Cross
Stage 2 item Water Stage 2 item Knife Stage 2 item Clock

Stage 3 Stage 3 item Axe Stage 3 item Cross
Stage 3 item Water Stage 3 item Knife Stage 3 item Clock

Stage 4 Stage 4 item Axe Stage 4 item Cross
Stage 4 item Water Stage 4 item Knife Stage 4 item Clock
Stage 4 item Key

Stage 4 Alternate

Stage 5 Stage 5 item Axe Stage 5 item Cross
Stage 5 item Water Stage 5 item Knife Stage 5 item Clock
Stage 5 item Key

Stage 5 Alternate

Stage 6 BAD Stage 6 BAD item Axe Stage 6 BAD item Cross
Stage 6 BAD item Water Stage 6 BAD item Knife Stage 6 BAD item Clock
Stage 6 BAD item Key

Stage 6 GOOD Stage 6 GOOD item Axe Stage 6 GOOD item Cross
Stage 6 GOOD item Water Stage 6 GOOD item Knife Stage 6 GOOD item Clock
Stage 6 GOOD item Key

Stage 6 BEST Stage 6 BEST item Axe Stage 6 BEST item Cross
Stage 6 BEST item Water Stage 6 BEST item Knife Stage 6 BEST item Clock

Stage 7 BAD Stage 7 BAD item Axe Stage 7 BAD item Cross
Stage 7 BAD item Water Stage 7 BAD item Knife Stage 7 BAD item Clock
Stage 7 BAD item Key

Stage 7 GOOD Stage 7 GOOD item Axe Stage 7 GOOD item Cross
Stage 7 GOOD item Water Stage 7 GOOD item Knife Stage 7 GOOD item Clock
Stage 7 GOOD item Key

Stage 7 BEST Stage 7 BEST item Axe Stage 7 BEST item Cross
Stage 7 BEST item Water Stage 7 BEST item Knife Stage 7 BEST item Clock

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Click HERE to view a printable version for these passwords.
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So what is the difference between the three endings, you might ask? The BAD ending gives you a picture of Richter Belmont on his horse staring at the castle. To get the BAD ending, you beat the game without rescuing Annet (your girlfriend) and Maria (Annet’s Sister). If you rescue Maria in Stage 4 but accidentally forget Annet in Stage 5’ (the alternate Stage 5) then you will get the GOOD (but not great) ending. The GOOD ending shows Richter Belmont holding Maria in her hands while the spirit of Annet hovers in the sky. Now if you rescue Maria in Stage 4 and Annet in stage 5’ (you cannot enter stage 5’ without rescuing Maria), then you will get the BEST ending where you hold Annet in your arms while Maria is in the background. If you actually played through the game (without Game Genie) and beat one of the hardest Dracula fights in Castlevania history, here are examples of what you get when you beat the game...

That was a lot of passwords, man!  Remember: these GIF images are for personal use only.  All GIF images may not load on slow connections such as dial-up modems.  If you do not care to view pictures, then look at my printable password page for WORDS, not pictures.  Thanks for viewing my Castlevania!

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Copyright 2006 All pictures copyright Konami Inc. All rights reserved. The passwords on this page, I figured out all of them on my own using the RedTom method, so if somebody has ALL of my codes, they most likely copied my site.  I have pre-searched the web looking for Castlevania Dracula X codes and didnít find a whole lot (basically one code for each stage).  That is what made me decide to make a Castlevania Dracula X Passwords page in the first place.  I know that there are a few codes that people have found out, but I did not use any of them so I could find and test all of the codes myself.  Even though all of the codes were tested, there is a chance of error, so if a code doesnít work, doesnít give you the proper item, doesnít start you at the stage listed, or gives you a different ending, please e-mail me and I will fix the problem when I get a chance.  Thanks for viewing my Castlevania Dracula X Passwords page!