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Phred, you SUCK!

Johnson@yahoo.com wrote:
Dude, your page sucks dude.  you think your cool or sumthin?  Your humor sucks a big one and your wasting internet space fool!

Master Phred:  Did I ask you to view my page?  Walk that "cool" ass of yours right out of my webpage and go to "your-a-homo.com" or other pages of your liking.  Or if you are too lazy, then click here to exit my page.

lisa-mc28594@aol.com wrote:
I heard your demo. You absolutely have no talent in music. Spend your time selling crack or something.

Master Phred:  Where did you hear my demo from?  What music demo?  I have three demos out.  Saying that it “sucks” describes all three of my music demos, so I don't know what one you are talking about.  Oh well.  She's probably just a groupie anyway.

Yu@yahoo.com wrote:
Your page still reaks as bad as my week old laundry.  Why haven't you been harassing me and all of my friends in the Yahoo! Parenting chatrooms like you used to on a daily basis?  Did you mature for once?  I guess there is a god after all.

Master Phred:  Oh it's you.   Those were the good ol' days.  Harassing people in chatrooms until one day I made a Yahoo! Chat sucklist and pissed off so many old hags, that I got my e-mail sent to over fifty different mailing lists and was suspended from Yahoo! twice.  That is the only account that I got over 1000 spam e-mails DAILY.  No shit either.

sharp35@attglobal.net wrote:
leave me alone

Master Phred:  Who are you?

estervan@makmail.net wrote:

Master Phred:  What the hell crawled up your ass?  Maybe you should call a plumber and see if you can get your pipes clean.  That helps.  Sometimes the pipes get packed too much in the upper canal.  The canals will need to be cleansed so you won't be shouting suck in an e-mail.  A plunger might help as well.

(private address) wrote:
I read [on] a GameFaqs message board that you LIKED the Sega Genesis game "Fighting Masters". You have serious issues that I will let you deal with.

Master Phred:  Aw, come on!  Fighting Masters was the coolest! (for a Genesis game)  That game pioneered the game industry.  Fighting Masters tripled the stock market after its release!  It means so much to people that even some kid made a wish for the Make-a-Wish foundation to play just one last match on Fighting Masters with Phoenix, the greatest character on that game.  He won that match and then the tumor erupted... but anyways, don't be player hating on Fighting Masters.  I'll slap you into next year!

mmailman100@firemail.de wrote:
dude.  what is with your backgrounds?  your master phred, we know that.  get cooler backgrounds

Master Phred:  Yeah, I have been getting a lot of crap for my old backgrounds, but cry no more. I don't have Master Phred backgrounds anymore. I have masterphred.com backgrounds instead! I'm technologically advanced... or something.

Thanks for the e-mails everyone (yeah whatever).  If you have anything to add, you can e-mail me and I might post it on this page (let me know beforehand if you want your e-mail address private).  It will be my decision to privatize your e-mail or not (so watch what you write).

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