I walk slowly down the hall looking for my love.
I see her looking at me, the light shines above.
With my sad voice, I tell her I love her.

She is surprised to see the braveness I have shown.
It is like her eyes were open and her heart glowed.
Then her heart stopped glowing inside of her.

She said softly, “I’m sorry.”  I felt all my fears.
She didn’t want my love, my hands were full of tears.
I was shocked.  I just couldn’t look at her.

Then I said, “Please give me a chance.”  then she proceeds
saying, “I already have someone.”  then she leaves.
I have given up everything to her.

Now I’m left with nowhere to go.  What do I do?
All my hopes and all my dreams are lost in the blue.
And there’s nothing I can do to get her.

What do I do now?  My true love has failed me.
The light above getting dimmer is what I can see.
All I wanted was to go out with her.

Now how could I ever look at her face again
when she saw me in tears?  Now I can not defend.
But deep inside my heart I still love her.

Feeling sick inside my stomach, I cry some more.
This time I can’t recover because my heart tore.
And I know that my life depends on her.

Now a sharp stinging pain strikes sudden in my heart.
It feels like my heart has been ripped and torn apart.
All of this pain is all because of her.

The blood in my heart escapes it and starts to pour.
I grasp my chest and my knees drop to the floor.
I knew that I could not live without her.

The light above now dark.  I took my final breath.
All of my devotion ended up to my death.
And all of my love never did reach her.


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FACT: Death is considered my BEST poem ever written. It made it to four sequels as well. I submitted this poem in my weekly Frederick Senior High School Warriors newsletter and it would have won first prize if I hadn't put my name as Unidentified Anonymus. Heather Jewwett also submitted a poem titled Death in the same contest I submitted my poem in. I also submitted two other poems in there. They were Life Without you and My Worst Fear. They didn't even print My worst Fear, damn it.