“Round & Round”

The pain I suffer.
I can’t take it anymore.
I cry over her.
The tears cover up the floor.
I hate this life tremendously.
I am as lonely as can be. 
When I cry, I never make a sound.
The pain always circles round and round.

Round one.  You can never talk to her.
Round two.  You won’t see her forever.
Round three.  The pain will not stop ever.
The suffering goes and comes round and round.
It is like an endless merry-go-round.

The good in my life goes.
Now, I have no good left in this life.
The bad in my life flows.
The pain gets more sharper than a knife.
I would like to get a knife.
Cut myself, and end my life.
The pain is unbearable.
The pattern’s unbreakable.
The pattern will keep going around.
The pain always circles round and round.

Plan one, gets destroyed faster than light.
Plan two, never works completely right.
Plan three, I just give up on the fight.
When the pain leaves, it comes back around.
It will not stop going round and round.

I can’t stop the suffering.
The pain circles round and round all day.
I wish I could do something.
But I cannot fight in any way.
The pain always finds its way around.
The pain gets more thicker by the pound.
It won’t quit circling round and round.

Everyday and every night.
More and more pain finds a way to me.
I am a depressing sight.
I suffer much more than you could see.
I need help, but who will help me?
There is no one to help my plea.
Pain is on the ground and in the sky.
The pain always comes around, but why?
Strike one, I can feel inside my heart.
Strike two, my life starts to fall apart.
Strike three, I pick up my sharp-edged knife.
Three strikes and I am out of this life.
But why do I suffer?
I don’t deserve this cruel punishment.
All I need is a cure.
I need life to stop this torturement.
When the pain stops, it comes back around.
The cure of this pain hasn’t been found.
Right now, I’m okay, but it is bound
that the pain will circle back around.
All I know is this fact is profound.
The pain always circles round and round.


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