So what exactly is this "Phred's Cool Punch-Out!!"?  Is it a new game?  Is it a hacked game?  Or is it just the name of this webpage?
Well, you were right the second time (and the third).  Mainly, it is nothing but a hack.  These weird characters do not exist in the real game, only in Master Phred's hacked version of the game.  The game isn't a hacked cartridge, it is a hacked ROM for the use with NESticle on your computer.  So some of the characters in the Characters page don't really exist, and don't EVEN believe anything on the "Secrets..." page (it amazes me how many people actually believe that the secrets page is real).  All that my hack is, is just the images and text modified. The programming is still the same (Chad Stump's strategy is the same as King Hippo, Jeko Knight's strategy is same as Mr. Dream's, and so on).  With NESticle, you can slowly edit small areas of graphics (16x16 areas at a time).  With a hex editor (I use HEXposure, but there are better hex editors available), I edit the text in the game.  It is kinda easy changing programmed spaced names with different names, but it is kinda hard to re-program a bigger space for a name (you have to study the hex values before and after the space to try and figure out what means what).

Here are two snapshots: One of the real ending, and one of my fake hacked ending.  You can see how I edit the text and change the graphics.  Note that the real NESticle ROM is glitchy (NESticle cannot read the ROM properly), so the graphicwork are patched up on these pics.

Here are two more snapshots of the 2 different roms: One of the real profile, and one of my edited profile.  If you notice, most of the text is changed with the length of their names (or less).  Gabby Jay is the same length as Glass Joe, Jack Hick is the same length as Bald Bull, Bobby Amaya is less than Don Flamenco, Strauss is less than Mike Tyson and so on.  Some editing of the text must be done to fit longer names in a programmed space (like changing Popinski to Drunkenski).  Then you really got to do some figuring and reprogramming.
Below are the 2 different password screens (not too much changed) and 2 more profile screens (one that used to be Great Tiger and one that used to be Soda Popinski's profile screens).

One of the most famous characters on my webpage is the Dragonlord.  The sad fact is that if a character appears on my Secrets page, but not on my Characters page, then it is impossible to play against them. It would be impossible to hack the Dragonlord in the game, unless you know how to reprogram the game.  So the dragonlord will never appear in any hack.  Where did I get this cool character from?  Remember the Dragon Warrior game?   NO?????   Well, too bad!

One person actually thought that the Dragonlord was real just because I have a snapshot of him.  He should've known how easy it is to fake a picture.  First, you get a snapshot of the Dragonlord in the Dragon Warrior game (top left).  Then cut all the crap around him and cut him out of the picture.  Then get an empty ring pic and color it to whatever you desire (top right).  Then paste the Dragonlord in the ring (bottom left) and then place him in the corner (bottom right).  Voila! (Voila is french for Voila).  No rocket-science involved!  No dragons were hurt in the making of this snapshot either!

This portriat was just the background and then the Dragonlord's head enlarged.  I had to add and remove graphics around him to smooth it out.  I did all of this editing with a very high-sophisticated, and expensive, picture editor (the Paint program for Windows).

Here are 2 snapshots of the credit screens.  This page, I had to do some major hex editing to figure out how the text will fit on the page properly.  I had to make mine short because when it gets too long, it glitches and restarts.  Why, I dunno (I told you I don't know crap about game programming).

In conclusion, Phred's Cool Punch-Out is nothing more than a personal hack that I have been working on.  And there are bizarre pages like the Secrets page with even weirder characters that are not (and can not in any way) be a part of my hacked version.  One day, I hope to learn enough about game programming so that I can reprogram the Punch-out game (and put the dragonlord in it).   That would be cool...