What exactly is...


Phred's Cool Punch-out!! is not only the name of my webpage, but it also is a game itself!  Well, you cannot play this game on cartridge, you can only play it as a rom and with an emulator program such as NESticle.  So you can play against all the bizarre characters found in the Characters section of my page with this hack (the strategies to fight them is exactly the same as the other people on Punch-out.  Just the text and graphics are changed).

Here are a few snapshots: One of the real ending, and one of my fake hacked ending.  Note that the real NESticle ROM is glitchy (NESticle cannot read the ROM properly), so the graphicwork are patched up on these pics (a lot of the graphics on my rom are glitchy due to a cause I cannot control).

Mainly, all my hack is the graphics being changed (by using NESticle) and the text being changed as well (I used HEXposure to edit the text).  To the left are snapshots of Mike Tyson's Punch-out, and the picture to the right are snapshots of my hacked Punchout rom.

My Punch-out page is a mixture of "Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!", "Punch-Out!!" (not the arcade one), and my hacked version which is "Phred's Cool Punch-out!!".   All 3 legendary NES Punch-out games in one great *laugh* page.

Why do I mix my hacked version with the normal versions on my webby page?

I think it makes my pages more interesting.  It shows you information and pictures in the game and it shows how I hacked them in my own way.  It brings a little interest in my pages, instead of them being all boring and stuff.   Don't worry, I made it so you know what is real and what is fake.  If there are no warning signs (like on my Password Archive, Tricks, and Game Genie pages), then I can guarantee that those sections are 100% real!  Simple?  Then we are good to go then!   Wait a second... Did I just say webby page?  Somebody please tie me up to a wheelchair and push me off a cliff for that one.

There are characters on the secrets page that look interesting. Can I play as them too?

Sorry boys and girls.  All playable characters are listed on the CHARACTERS page.  Ones like the Dragonlord, Doc Louis, and the Mario Bros. on the SECRETS page are 100% FAKE.  There is no way you can fight against them, even with a hacked version.  I did that page just to see who is stupid enough to believe my "secrets".  So if you are not too sure if a character is in my hack or not, just see if that character is on my CHARACTERS page and if they are not, then they only exist with a bitmap editor.

Hope that is a good enough explanation of what "Phred's Cool Punch-out!!" really is.   Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of my crazy web page...