NES Nintendo Entertainment System


Here are some character tricks and other tricks you can do in the game.


He will back away and start barking at you. When he comes down, punch him in the stomach right away for a sure KO. If you wait too late, he will not be KOed.

When you stun him
(hit him after you dodge one of his hits), give him an uppercut for a knockdown. Also, you can keep hitting him with alternating face hits (left,right,left,right) only after he tries to give you a big uppercut.

After he goes up and then comes down for the piston punch, hit him in the stomach for a knockdown. If you do it to the second Piston Honda, you will get a sure knockout.

After he is stunned, keep hitting him with alternating face hits to keep him stunned. Also, after he gets up, heep hitting him with left stomach hits until he gets knocked down.

Hit him in the mouth when he opens it. Hold UP on your controller while he opens his mouth to keep it open for a second longer.

Block all five of his magic punches and then hit him in the face.

At the start, hit him with two left hits, then an uppercut, then a left hit, then an uppercut, then a left hit, then an uppercut, then a left hit, then an uppercut, then a left hit, then a final uppercut. ALso, when he does his bull charge, hit him in the stomach when he comes down for a knockdown.

When he moves his guard up and down, hit him anywhere to get a star. Also, dodge his first bull charge to have him do a shorter and easier to counter bull charge.

Try to block une of his fast furious uppercuts and he will stay ducked down. Hit him in the stomach to get a star. After that, use the star for a sure knockdown.


I know that everybody knows this trick
(it is even in the instruction manual), but I will post it anyway. After the first or second round, press select and you will get some of your energy back. Sometimes, you will get most of it back, sometimes you will only get a little back. If you press Select before the first round, you will lose half of your energy. You can only press Select once per fight.


This trick is also in the instruction manual. Everytime any opponent gets up on the 1 count, use one star-uppercut on them to send them back down on the mat again.


To get a few extra stars on Mike Tyson and Super Macho Man without trying to counter one of their punches is to dodge one of their punches and punch back at the last moment. If you time it too early, you will just stun him. If you time it too late, they will block your punch. You can also do this while they are stunned too. It takes a lot of practice to do this. Please note that Super Macho man doesn't always give you stars by doing this
(about 75% of the times, he will) and you can only do this to Mike Tyson on the second and third rounds.


This is a glitch in the game. After 40 seconds in the first round with Mr. Sandman, hit him in the stomach (he will block it and try to hit back) and hit him in the stomach. What will happen is that you will hit each other at the same time. Keep doing this until you get knocked down. From doing this, Mr. Sandman will shrink by half and stay that way until you get up.


Look at a password
(besides the Credit and Another World Circuit passwords). If the third digit is a 5, then you can change it into a 3 and end up with a different password, but with the same record. For example. Let's use the 005 737 5423 code. The third digit is a five. Change it to a three to get 003 737 5423. You now have two codes, but the record is not changed at all. This works the same if the third digit is a 6, then you can change it into a 4 and get the same record.