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June 13, 2004
whew! only 2 more days of school left! then regents but still! schools almost done! yayyy!!!!! ok for updates......i've got nothing but a new afflite! I'll try and update wednesday when I have more time! until then go to Hannah's Fansite! it's great! all about some of our favorite shows! here's the link:
June 4th, 2004
ok i'm not gonna cry! I'm not gonna cry!! OMG I'm gonna cry!! I'm a senior now!!! and I got an award from my school for playing my cello!!! *sniff* I's so happy!!!! I can't believe it I'm a senior now!!! I am going to be gradutating next year!! This is so awesome!! So to celebrate me becoming a senior I'm giving you guys a big update!
~.hack info for neo bahamut! *thanks again*
~pictures in gallery
~new afflite
~hit of the month
~wallpapers fixed (thanks goga)
May 29th, 2004
Ok so I've been running out of room for my website...its all my pictures I have! but have no fear cause I came up with a solution! to the left you will see a link that says gallery.  This will lead you to my brand new gallery! Instead of the galleries being under each of their own anime sections they will all be on this new page! saves me room! just click on an album you wish to see! Its a work in progress so not many pictures at the moment! but they're coming! thats it for updates for now! come back soon!
~new gallery link
May 28th, 2004
Thanks to Elsa and Neo_Bahamut for signing my guestbook! you guys gave me some motivation for my site!! Right now I'm working on more yu yu manga and dragonball z info. I've been on a dbz kick lol. But the big news is that I've got a new afflite!! There links is under the afflite page! great site about video games!! go check it out! updates soon!
~new great afflite
May 8th, 2004
Wow I updated twice in a week! This has to be some sort of record! hehe well here's the updates:
~New pictures in cowboy bebop gallery
~Inu Yasha Gallery
~Rurouni Kenshin gallery
~Dbz gallery
Its gallery week!! I just love pictures! Well enjoy people!!  :p
May 07, 2004
Whew the weekend! Too bad its only 2 days long! I think we all need a break! Especially us people who have a seven page research paper to do!!! Grrr! anyways I don't have much new today. I put up galleries tho. I'm slowly but surely adding pictures to all the galleries. So new stuff:
~Sailor Moon gallery
~Inu Yasha gallery
~Cardcaptor Sakura gallery
I'm lazy can't add much more today! hopefully tomorrow if I'm not watching anime! ^_^ Well see ya!
May 1, 2004
I finally figured out how to make animated buttons!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO! right then you want to know whats new. Well.....Its the Yu Yu Hakusho Surprise!!! This surprise is the text of the yu yu manga. I can't get the actual pages on cause I don't have a scanner at the moment but I do have chapter 1 of volume 1 up for you! ok ok so its not that great of a surprise but I'm excited so deal with it! well heres the updates:
~yu yu text of vol. 1 chap. 1
~hit of the month
~Cowboy Bebop gallery
*currently working on cowboy bebop and graphics pages*
April 28th
Maybe you've noticed this but my site is girly, (even tho I am a girl) all I have is Fruits Basket and yu yu. Yu Yu Hakusho isn't girly but still I need to add more stuff! So I'm gonna be adding Escaflowne, and Cowboy Bebop info and junk very soon, for all those people who don't like girly stuff! For updates I've actually gotten some stuff done! Here's what I got:
~yu yu profiles somewhat started
~fanlisting links
~yu yu hakusho surprise in progress!
(sounds like a cafeteria special but its not! you'll like it once I finish! first I've got to finish watching something then I can focus all my attention to this site!)
April 12, 2004
Know what I just realized?! That my fancy shmancy fonts I downloaded won't turn up on other peoples computers!!! Just because I can see them dosen't mean you guys can!!! You people havn't downloaded them!! I had these cool looking fonts of the chinese zodiac and curvy fancy I think i fixed all those fonts! There normal now! all I've got for updates right now is the corrections I'll be adding more junk later! buh bye
April 10, 2004
Well I've had some time to work on my website so here's what I've got new:

~Fruits basket character profiles 90% done
~Tag board
~New Poll
~New Hit of the Month
~New Kittys under kitty section
I'll try and get more up later!!!
April 8, 2004
So my computer has been broken for about a month now, but none of that matters cause I just got a new computer!!!! So with new computer comes new changes!!! I know I said this was a fruits basket/yu yu hakusho site but yet again I changed my mind. I'm gonna build a site with information on a bunch of anime/manga! I can't do that now I'm still working on getting all my old files onto this new computer but I'm hoping to start updating this weekend!! If not sooner! Do come again!!!!
Welcome Meg! Try not to laugh to hard!! Happy Birthday Sara!!!!!! Happy Valentines day to all! and I hope none of you were cursed on this friday the 13th! If you were my cat had nothing to do with it this time! so ha! well anyways updates coming soon!
February 6, 2004
So here are the excusses for me not updating:  Midterms thank God they're over!, The Flu boy have I missed food!, power outages I don't think I would have survived in the olden days! and homework.  I know they say Junior year is one of the hardest but really jeesh give us a break once in awhile!! yeah yeah yeah sounds like I"m complaining but I do have some updates for you people! I've added a wallpaper section and next update I'll have stationary.  I've also put up fb character profiles and some new pictures in the fb gallery.  I don't have any yu yu summeries because of all thats been going on but as soon as I watch the tapes (I taped the episodes) I'll put up summeries.  oy vay so much to do so little time! well "gotta blast!"  enjoy!
~fruits basket character guides
~fruits basket gallery
~new topsites and links
~rate my site please!
January 18, 2004
Aieyaaaaaaaa!!!!! I forgot to update!!!! Can you believe it?! I've been so busy with school, and tests, and new anime to watch that I forgot to update my site! I didn't completly forget you guy's tho! Look a new layout!! I think its much more organized!! Ok so as for updates all I have is a new hit of the month other than nadda nothing! I'm working on the rest right now but I'm celebrating a birthday at the moment so I can't put up to much.  I'll try to do it tomorrow!!! bye for now! I'll eat some cake for all of you!     n_n
January 6, 2004
Wow can you believe it 2004!!!  yep another new year. So for the new year I've got tons to update!!!! I've got summeries up for FB!!!  I've got the anime!!!! Only disk one but still!!!! I've also begun the episode summeries for Yu Yu. Each sunday I should have up all the episode information that played on toonami during the week.  So if you missed an episode hopefully my summery can fill you in. They'll be pretty detailed! other than that I'm fixing my site so its not so X-masy I think I got it all! sign guestbook and vote for me!  ^_^ more by sunday!
December 24th, 2003
I can't believe its Christmas already!  So for a Christmas present I got the "other" gallery up.  Most of the pictures have been fixed and a new poll! More to come! Yeah! Go me! alrighty then I'm gonna go celebrate Christmas now! Thank you everyone for visiting my site it means a lot to me! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and any other holiday you celebrate, I hope they're all safe and fun!!!
December 13th, 2003
you'd think that after a week I'd have more updated but I don't!! I have the thanks and credits page up and an afflite! whoo hoo! my pages are christmasy too! I'm just a little obsessed with Christmas. can you tell? I'll try and get more up later. You'd think that I could at least get the profiles up!!!! but nope I still havn't done that! grrrr school makes everything so difficult!!!!! bah humbug!
December 8th, 2003
hurray I'm getting ready for X-mas! I love Christmas! its the best time of the year!! I couldn't find any Fruits Basket christmas wallpapers.  But the rest are cute tho arn't they! I had made my own Christmas wallpaper but it didn't turn out good, not at all!  Oh and I changed "hit of the week" to "website of the month" It was too much work to fix every week!
~Group gallery up
~Kuwabara gallery up
~new backgrounds (but you alrady knew that lol)
December 6th, 2003
I am finally back! yeah buya!! I'm working on everything and anything at the moment and I still have to start the movie info! I know I promised you but I havn't had time to work on anything!  Junior year is soooooo difficult! Plus hehe I know me bad but I've been playing my new FFX-2 game instead of doing anything else.  I can't stop playing! Playstation is addicting!!!! I'm working on a website for all my favorite video games but it's not even published yet.  First thing sanctuary page! nothing updated today but I will be soon so tune in next time for a brand new episode of Merai's anime sanctuary!  
November 27th,2003
Wow this site has so many people visiting!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!! *sniff* I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! alright I'll behave! so for the updates this week :
~Voice Actors of Yu Yu Hakusho
~Gallery of Fruits Basket
~New Hit of the week
~new poll
~lots more to come!
(sorry I'm late updating, I try and update every weekend, but my stupid computer won't work!)
Oh and Happy Thanksgiving people!!! Eat eat eat!!!
November 8th, 2003
 ~galleries fixed
 ~new hit of the week
 ~vote for me!
 ~I'm lazy      n_n
October 31,  2003
Um... yeah I've changed my mind. This site is going to be a Yu Yu Hakusho site AND a Fruits Basket site. I'm only on book two of Fruits basket so I don't know a whole bunch about the manga. Plus I can't afford the anime of it! These two anime's have nothing in common! The only reason I'm putting them on the same website is becasue I don't have enough info to make a Fruits Basket website. So anyways Happy Halloween people! I almost forgot! anyone dressing up? I was going to be Piccolo but I didn't find time to make a costume! drats! I'll be adding Fruits Basket gallery later! check out the yu yu galleries I got a lot done! Go me! Go me!    ^.^
September 26, 2003
Yup another weekend to skip homework! Although I doubt my teachers would like it if I said "I didn't do my homework cause I was working on my Yu Yu Hakusho website."  Yeah they would frown on that.  Well I got Yusuke gallery done.  Next up is either Kurama or Kuwabara.  Kuramagirl says I should do Kuwabara so I'll probly do that.  I was also thinking of putting up a very detailed summery of the Yu Yu Hakusho movie.  What do you think, am I that nice?  Let me finish the galleries first. Come back soon
  September 21, 2003
 Yet another weekend for me to work on my websites instead of doing homework! Okay so I got sick of doing gallerys so I started a character profile, added more to my links page, made my banner, worked a little on the Yusuke gallery and added a kitty page! Go to about me and then you'll see a link leading to kitty's, its sooooooo cute! These people that made it are incredible artists! Also go to KuramaGirls page! She updated! More of Yusuke coming soon! Im lazy so what!  :p
September 12, 2003
 Yay the weekend is here! School stinks!!!! Anyway's Im trying to make my site look nicer right now, Im not sure how to do it yet but Im working on it.  Things will be messed up for awhile but "I'll be back!"  Oh and the Yukina gallery is up! Enjoy! Stay tuned for Yusuke Urameshi!
September 5th, 2003
       Okay so school has started and I can't work on this as much but Im trying to organize this site better!  Ive got gang gallery finished and links done.  Next up Yukina!
September 1st, 2003
          The website is finally published! First day on the web! Hello World! Name's Merai! Hiei and part of the gang galleries are up! But that's about it! Im only starting the web site so not much is up.  I'll have the rest of the galleries up soon!

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