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This is where Denver gets HIS say.
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Denver the Dude

Well Bones, biscuits and gravy, greetings to you all. as my new mum says.." THE STORM HAS LANDED"  apparently that was my name in a past life. but I dont really remember that, I'm having too much FUN to think back.
13th April
I can see you admiring my handsome features, I'm still a youngster my mum says, annnnd she says I'll have all the girlies swooning. AHAA it's already working on the Holcroft girls.. even the almighty Madison likes me.. yeah SHE LIKES ME wow.
 Anyway.. mum calls me DENVER and I think the name rather suits me.
 I think my new mum loves me, her eyes mist up when I bounce over and give her a bear hug with the soggiest doggy kiss I can muster. she says I'm HER dude now.
 I had loads of fun today and showed mum how good I am off the lead too. Morgan is wonderful, she can give me a run then keep going! wow.. I didnt know girls could ran that fast. Morgan lost her litter brother 18 months ago, but I think we are gonna be best buddies now.
 Fifi was definitely the funniest, she went to jump the stile.. but mum was still attached to her lead..

25th April
I think I'm gonna like it here. the day after I arrived, mum had a new carpet fitted.. oooOOooo wot fun that was to shred.. ooops. good job I got the mat methinks and not the actual carpet.
 it's funny in the mornings, when mum lets us out coz a certain shepherd wont stop barking, anyways, now there are three black beauties here.. me, Dallas and Fifi, and mum cant tell the difference first thing, you can imagine the uproar cant you.
 pity mum is learning too fast to lay thing out of my reach, it's that Fifi tho, she makes me drag the eating implements off the counter, then when the kitchen door opens, she gives em to me and tells me to show mum how clever I am tee hee.
I dont think I'm in best books today, I tried to blame it on the pups, but mum was having none of it, she 'says' that the pups havent got the strength to take the downpipe off the wall. summat about it being screwed in. I couldnt help but waggle my cute butt when she was trying to tell me off lol

4th may...
  ohhh I forgot to tell you all about what Fifi did last week.
The holcroft girls are always well turned out, not like a puffy dog, just never a hair out of place, never a dirty mark on any of them. I'd heard mum say that they never take a dip unless they are retrieving game.. can you imagine????! well.. it was a HOT day, even though mum had waited till it had cooled off a bit before we went for our run. we went right round the mini hills, then I smelled it, the divine aroma of stagant pond water.. LUVERRLY. I dropped my haunches and off I went, calling Fifi to come too. well she's up for fun all the time so she set out to catch me. you should have HEARD mum scream at me not to go in the water. HELLOOOOOO "water dog, dirty water, no brainer"  I launched myself into the middle of the pond. then I hears muffles splashing behnd me. turned to see that Fifi, had also launched herself, I''m sure she truly thinks she's a heavenly body, coz the look on her face as she went under was PRICELESS. of course mum was beside herself.
 that earned me a stern tellin off for ignoring a command.. AND a bath when we got home.. it was soooo worth the sickening 'clean dog' smell tho.. I could almost go to the extent of saying it was worth Fifi's moaning afterwards.. but c'monnnn she's a GURL.

3rd June.
  Ahaaaaa today was Kayleigh's birthday, what a hoot. mum invited lots of peeps round and fired that strange thing up that breathes fire. smells pretty delish tho. Each time I went near it mum's voice got all  low and masculine.. tellin me to stay away. well that would work eh?? me being ever so good.
 well I noticed that underneath this monster, smelled even better than the top, so when mum wasnt looking, I stuck my mush right under.. YUMMMYYYYYY dont know what it was but mmmmm it tasted damn good.  so everytime I knew they were paying attention to something else. I stuck my nose under to have a good shlurp.
 the last time I did it hurt my bum tho.. stung like mad. How the hell did that happen???!!!

4th June.
 OMG Holcroft was so bizi today, I herad a car pull up, then mum went to open the big double gates.. she doesnt do that fer anyone else. Then there was this awful racket, like someone had just put a cat in a kennel full of Madisons.  I wanted to run in the house but my curiosity got the better of me, besides.. Mum was near that new car, she might need me. Must be ok coz mum was laughing.
then the car door opened.. KIDS!!! wooo hooooo three kids AND three labradors jumped out of the car. PLAYTIME.
 I heard mum say sumthing about BBQ.. ahhhh THAT was the fire breathing monster yesterday. sooo the monster was playing again today. but this time with KIDS.. that put things in a whole new light.
Thought I'd better be on my bestest behaviour. it was FANTASTIC playing with the kids. I'm sure I've seen em before tho.

7th June
I love it here. we are always having visitors, ok so I go to bed tired out every night, but wow the days are brill. That Kayleigh person has a new toy for me. called Texas. Mum says it's collie, just looks like a fluffy Fifi toy to me. it squeaks if I nudge it hard enough, so it MUST be a toy.. right?  *snigger snigger*
ohh think mum is a wee bit annoyed with me. I made it dead tho.. it wont breathe fire anymore.. not for a while anyways. the dragon thing, that tastes good. well it had some wire things dangling. I only meant to sniff.. honest I did. but well. you see, it's like this.. Fifi MADE me do it. she sed if I didnt tug on the wire things, that she would tell mum I nipped her tail this morning.. and I KNOW mum would tell me off for that. so I pulled on the wire. only , now, mum shouted. I only want to make sure it cant burn anyone. I didnt know the wires make it safe now did I.
 Mum's only annoyed coz she doesnt have one of those 'man things' to make it work again.

21st september.
Things have been pretty sad here. Granny Mads got sick at begining of august, I dont know exactly what, but mum was to and fro the vets for weeks. Mads left us on bank holiday monday. mum has been so distraught since then. I try to be my usual bouncy self but mum gets very snappy with me. I keep at it tho.
it's horrible without Mads, sure she was bossy, but she kept mum smiling.
 I finally got to go out on the field today, think things are gonna be ok.
 Last week mum took me somewhere beside the water, she wast takin any chances tho and I was kept very close to her, she had that thing that she holds up to her face, then it flashes at me. I quite like that coz then I get to be waggy, mum loves me I know. I'd love to know who 'airhead' is tho.. she looks at me and says it. maybe it's my new nikname???
mum says I have my 'coming out' show soon. a championship show.. I hope I get that right.
I think there are some new pics of me going up.. keep a lookout.. coz mum says I'm her cuddly studdly muffin boysie.. that's good right?

6th october.
Oh dear.. think am really in bad books this time. mum isnt buying into the "it's Fifi's fault not mine" line this time. mum went out, ok not a problem.. Dakota n the yippity shit (mum's words not mine), Fifi n me, had to stay in the kennel.. coz LAST time.. darling, precious, goody four paws FIFI demolished sumthing she shouldn't of.. and we all got the blame, so now.. we get to wait in the kennel.. ok again not a problem, I quite like it in there anyways. but c'monnnnn HOW LONG did she go out for??? I made it just before school lettin out time when she went.. you know what time she came back??? well it had gone dark outside ANNND it had been raining all day. the rain doesnt bothers us  usually.. but this time, there was a funny crackin noise.., the heaters, lights and radio stopped working. well I got bored. I jumped over the enclosure, routed round a bit but it was no use.. so I let Fifi out of our enclosure.. FUNNNNNNNN times. we were just having fun with the 'toys that 'the man who can' had left for us to play with.. mum sed they are tools. Fifi let Dakota out too, more the merrier.. plenty of tools to go round, then I spied the potatoes in the next enclosure.. yummy.. and there were other goodies in there too.
 I tried to make the radio come back on.,. I tugged and chewed at the leccy cable.. but I couldnt quite get it to work. so we re-arranged everything in the kennels.. wooop
then I heard mum's lab cab pullin up..
 ooops.. they werent too pleased to see out attempts.
 the man who can pulled up shortly after that.. with a floodlight..  and you know what they did. they wrecked all our hard work.. it's TIDY again now.. I preffered it with toys all over the floor.

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