Holcroft Barguest
Summer 2006

It's been a very hard summer this year, Remi (litter sister to Dallas) came to stay. Here are just a few piccies of the terrible two.

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Dallas and Remi head shot.


Kayleigh handled Remi to FIRST place.. well done girls!


Of course they adore each other really


Remi, sporting her rosettes, looking rather pleased with herself too. She'll never reach her full potential as she is only in a pet home.


On the bench at the national gundog champ show


Dallas having some quality time alone with us at Haigh country park


When Remi came to us in june, she was in a really sorry state! She was seriously underweight, had a nasty ear infection, and wasnt housetrained (at 13 months old!). In fact she wasnt trained at all, first time we took her out she ran off, took us hours to find her..
After six weeks of intensive training and lavishing all our love and understanding on her, we managed to bring her back to reality. UNFORTUNATELY, I was forced to give her back to the owner that had made such a mess of her.. but we tried our best for her, and for a short time, she was happy.

Breeding looks, soundness and that perfect Labrador temperament.