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Lady Dallas
Life at Holcroft
Monday, 21 April 2008
MICA is back!
Mood:  chillin'
21 April

MICA is back!

Well, after spending the past few years in a hopeless marriage with an alchoholic depressive. wow.. wot WAS I hoping for?? I finally kicked my own arse to get out. and you know, it hurt like hell at the time but.. things are definatley looking up. I spent a cpl of weeks wondering what the hell had just happened, but now. I can honestly say I have done the best thing, it's true you never do see what's going on under your nose till it's too late, I've been lied to for too long, there's nothing worse, in my opinion, than a LIAR. But love does blind you doesn't it?
 anyways  a few short weeks later and I find myself laughing again. "when I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me".
 I have some WONDERFUL friends who have stood by me, held me up through this trying time, and I thank the good Lord above for bringing them to me. I'd like to thank Lisa, Mark n Linda and Paula.. and specially my sis.. SUZY. And DAVE. You have all been my 'wonderwalls'. You have all gone beyond the boundaries for me and Kayleigh.
 Holcroft is once again a happy place to be. We are moving on now. Thanks to Lisa at Croftonbar we have a new addition to our wonderful team of Labradors, without the undconditional love of them I would be truly lost, anyone who doesnt not know the love of a dog, does not know love.
 so please take a moment to appreciate what is the start of a new chapter for us.
 annnd here is the 'new me' been a long time coming.. but dammit I look GOOOD, oh and Lady Dallas is doing ok too lol.

Posted by mica_holcroft at 1:18 AM BST
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Saturday, 17 November 2007
cheerleader pic
Mood:  energetic

well.. that wasnt the right pic.. THIS photo shows Mads grinning (I'll get used to posting on here soon)

Posted by mica_holcroft at 12:00 AM GMT
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Friday, 16 November 2007
MAD cheerleader
Mood:  cheeky

Well.. it has come to my attention that Madison was getting bored with showing off her assets and chasing wee terriers around,Kayleigh just happened to come home with some pompoms which has sparked sumthing off in Mads naughty head. And now she has pushed all of her energy into becoming a cheerleader.. strange you might think.. but just look at that big beaming smile.. she loves it!


Posted by mica_holcroft at 11:55 PM GMT
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Monday, 5 November 2007
Had a scare this morning!
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Lady Dallas
got up as usual this morning, played bally with Morgan, then fed em their brekky, then they all have to come lay inside to let their dinner settle. then I let em out whilst I get a shower.. got out of the shower to hear Mads chuffin (barking indignantly) pops my head out the door and shouted em in, I dont like em barkin at nothing. so they all trooped in, except Dallas, I shouted her again, no Dallas. hmmmmp goes back to the bedroom where Paul is looking out the window to see where Dallas is NO signs, so there's me, stood with a towel round my damp body and one wrapped round my head, trotted outside, what a sight that would have been to any unsuspectin passers by.. walks down the bottom still shouting Dallas.. STILL nothing, ok I'm getting worried by now coz there's no signs of any fences down either. runs back inside to drag some clothes on just incase I had to go out on the road, then it hit me.. I knew it would back fire on me sooner or later teaching her to jump.. the wee horror had seen a moggie or summat, scarpered between the sheds and jumped over the barricade. the only place she could get to then would be the building site at the back, at least she couldnt get out onto the road. so I squeezed myself between the sheds and Hollered her name, there she stood, innocently wagging her cute wee tail at me, I told her to bloodywell jump back over but she just give me this blank look... so I patted the top of the barricade saying "over" it moved.. ahhhh so that's why she wouldnt jump back in, that's obviously why Mads was stood barking earlier too, coz poor lil lady Dallas didnt wanna break a nail to get back in. I pushed my foot up against the barricade to show Dallas it was firm, and the wee sod just hopped over and bounced all over the place.

Posted by mica_holcroft at 6:30 PM GMT
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the eyes have it

Yesterday, Mads n me went to Haigh country park.. she hasnt been so good lately and has needed to rest up, but yesterday she was fir enough to go for a trot about, so off we did go, took some pics of her having fun then came home before she got too tired. I sat here last night going thru all the pics I took, posted some on the msn site, then shuddered as I noticed a pair of eyes behind Mads in the bushes, glowing.. now I'll try put the pic on here for you to see..

sooo today


Me n Homer went back to Haigh country park today(28TH JUNE 2007), back to the very place where those spooky eyes were, we scabbled through the bushes but couldnt find anything , so we carried on far off the beaten track, even lost the trail markings for adventurous ppl. We didnt see another soul walking through there, was beginning to think that Barguest had actually eaten everyone yesterday!
 then we found the end of the stream, it finished in a man made walled lake, I wanted to find this place coz I picked up a book on Haigh Hall for Suzy yesterday and it told of how the 'yellow brook waterfall' was a man made drainage system which took over 18 years to complete all of 300 years ago and was still in use today.. wonderful what you can learn. anyway to carry on.. there was I, camera in hand as usual when SPLASH.. Homer had leant over too far and fallen in!
 OK so he's a dog, he got in he can damn well get himself out.. NOPE he couldnt. well I could see dead branches in there and lots of rotten vegetation so I tried to coax Homer out calmly, but the wall was just too high for him to get a foothold.
 I tried to tell myself not to panic, but I was alone with a struggling dog . There was nothiong for it but to jump in after him in the hope of grabbing a hold of him and somehow hoisting him out.. like wtf was I thinkin.. if he cant get himself out, how the hell am I gonna do it?!
I shed my jacket, threw the camera on the side and jumped in, after all, how deep could it be.. OMG well the dirt nasty water came upto my bust, I had NO HOPE of getting myself back out never mind a dog. I hollered for help whilst attempting to shove Homer up, but of course the harder I tried the more he struggled, finally after what seemed like hours, obviously was minutes someone shouted back asking if I was in trouble.. "hell yes I'm in the lake" lol
  a guy came rushing thru the bush then, gawd I've never been so happy to see a strange man (I say strange coz.. how strange is it to go walking through a country park without a dog?) he went to grab hold of me but I asked him to grab Homer's collar first and pull him out, which he duly did, then hauled my ass up too.
 well you can imagine how we looked, Homer was soaked to the skin and a dirty green, SWAMP MONSTER colour, and I was dripping.
 the guy walked us back to the hall coz I hadnt a clue where we were at that point. we made it back to the car in one piece and drove home.
 now all clothes dog towel and shoes are in the washer.. Homer has had a bath and smells of cherries and no longer resembles the swamp monster. I just wanna curl up in a nice warm oven for the rest of the night now.


Posted by mica_holcroft at 5:12 PM GMT
Updated: Monday, 5 November 2007 6:35 PM GMT
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Saturday, 3 November 2007
Madison's case history

Case History 1.

What better place to start than right at home?


Madison is my own dog, A seven year old yellow Labrador. Purchased from a reputable show breeder as a nine-week-old puppy, sensibly raised with proper nutrition, exercise regime strictly adhered to.

Madison is a show dog, won many awards and at the age of 18 months was also trained to do a small amount of gundog work. She has had three healthy litters of puppies and has been bought back to the peak of physical fitness each time.

 At the age of five Madison began to limp on her left foreleg, She began to ‘slow down’, “Madison didn’t seem to want to play as hard as the others”.

       X-rays showed severe arthritis of the elbow, treatment was a Cortisone injection in the joint under GA. This eased the condition and Madison was able to carry on her normal everyday life. She once again played hard.

 Eighteen months later the injection wore off and she began to present the lameness again, this was managed by oral administering of Metacam. A few months later however (January 2007), I noticed some ‘clicking’ on her rear right leg and some stiffness on rising, and just an ‘off movement’ which the vet could not see but her I was adamant  “she just isn’t moving that back leg fully” not wanting to do x-rays just yet more Metacam was prescribed.

 Then in July 2007 Madison went down and refused to move, obviously in a great deal of pain, the Metacam was not enough to help her so I took her back to the vet. The vet did extensive x-rays. Result is, the arthritis present in left elbow remains unchanged, also there is severe arthritis in her right stifle (hence the clicking and lack of full extension), in addition Madison has Spondylitis of the spine, fused in three places, which would also account for the lack of correct leg extension.

 As Madison is relatively young the vet did not like to inject the affected joints once again, so a different treatment was embarked on. Another steroid based anti-inflammatory painkiller. PLT’s. However the long term effects on the stomach in not favourable. So Madison was started on two tabs twice a day in the hope of reducing this to a minimal maintained amount of one week on, one week off.

 The medication was reduced slowly to one tablet once a day for one week, then we did try the ‘one week off’ but after two days was presenting lameness and an unwillingness from Madison to do much. So Madison was put back on a maintenance dose of one and a half tablets twice a day. Which we, and the vet feel is too much for her.

 The vet suggested Madison was started on Hills J/D diet. According to Hills, their J/D diet has been formulated to ease joint problems and results should be seen within 21 days. Not wanting to keep Madison on such high doses of steroid based medication I agreed to give this J/D a try. I also emailed Hills to ask them what they had added to their food to allow them to make such extravagant claims. For two months Madison was eating nothing but J/D and she failed to respond. (at a cost of £60 per month I found it an expensive lesson). After hearing back from Hills nutrition experts I decided to do some research of my own to find out why Madison had not responded to the diet.


At this stage, Madison is carrying on her day to day life with a limp. She is allowed a LITTLE free running but then has more lameness in the evening. On rising she is stiff on the back end, after a little ‘clicking’ can move about satisfactorily.

 On Monday 24th September, Madison was started on the supplements my research had led me to, within 3 days her limp was almost non existent! We have been so thrilled with this that we begun to reduce Madison’s prescription medication with confidence. The tablets have slowly been reduced and for the last five days days, Madison has had NO prescription medication at all. I’m not certain how long she can actually go without, but we will aim for what the vet suggested, one week off, one week on.

 Her movement is not perfect, she has a slight off movement trotting on her left foreleg, but she is able to run at full speeds, obviously she is not allowed to keep that up.


Update. October 21

Madison managed the five days without medication and began to show signs of being uncomfortable, therefore I have decided that for her, the best solution is five days on medication, five days medication free with the addition of our supplements every day.

Posted by mica_holcroft at 4:13 PM BST
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Sunday, 1 July 2007
such sad times
Mood:  blue
is a whole year since we lost my sweet Minstrel I had such a bad day yesterday, spent most of it in tears, I was doing ok till I came across her dog tags whilst tidying up.. (I keep em in my bedroom) it's not usually a problem for me and I need to keep her near me, I have 3 portraiss in the ounge, and she's on each of them, everywhere I look Minstrel is here. and it cut me up real bad yesterday. Today isnt too much easier either coz it's a lovely sunny day here and Minstrel would have been sunning herself across from the kitchen window.
 I was up in the attic a few days ago and found some professional portraits done of her from years ago that I thought I'd lost. will scan em in I am upto it later and let you all share her smiles.
 I have lots fo dvd's with Minstrel on them but so far have not been able to bring myself to watch them.. I might just do that later.. it'll either cheer me up or finish me off altogether.
 anyways, just thought I'd say whats on my mind. please have a quick look at Minstrel's pages today in her honour.

Posted by mica_holcroft at 12:59 PM BST
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Thursday, 28 June 2007

so there ya go.. make of that what you will. I have about six pics from different angles all showing 'the eyes' I reckon we were being followed by a Barguest.

Posted by mica_holcroft at 5:13 PM BST
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Friday, 22 June 2007
Mood:  celebratory

It's Dallas's 2nd birthday on saturday, we are at blackpool champ show so no time for b/day shopping.. soooo we may go shopping today to see what we can find.. maybe a nice new collar, some toys and treats. I want a new show lead but wqe'll pick one up from the show on saturday.

Madison is doing ok, quiet but ok so she can come pick out some gifts for Dallas.

Posted by mica_holcroft at 8:38 AM BST
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Madison last night

 she slept in the house again last night, she didnt want to go down to the kennel, I'm glad really coz it was a bit damp outside. As soon as Paul got out to work at 5.15am Mads again did her "I wanna go chill outsuide mum go get dressed" so again blearey eyed we sat outside, after ten minutes she bounced on my head, nudged the keys to the kennel and hobbled down to the kennel, hmmmmp she wanted the others to come chill with her.. so I suly got the keys and let em out.. bless Mads, she misses the others.

again this morning Mads is very quiet and still limping slightly,, but I think she will now till she has the injections into her joints. it's a 'happy limp' it's not too bad, more uneven than anything else. but she will have to go back for full x-rays, Richard wants to x-ray her spine and all her rear end to make sure he's missing nothing. I am convinced it's arthritis, in her hock, but as it's the same leg as the fibro thingy, he darent just assume like I am, he has to rule everything else out first. cant blame him really. so when Mads is calm and happy, possibly next week, I'll take her back to the vets

Posted by mica_holcroft at 8:35 AM BST
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