Holcroft Phoenix

Training begins
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Phoenix is doing really well and her official training can start now

Now that Phoenix understands what is expected of her in the showring, her obedience training is well on the way too

She is nine months old now, she can be trusted to walk to heel anywhere now, on or off the lead. She is so eager to learn new things too. I have started her gundog training now too and she's thorougly enjoying it. Here she is on her first training session with 'game'.



Fifi can turn her paw to anything, just like her mum. She does best when she has something to do, well ok if she doesnt get enough to do she can be very naughty at home.

so it makes sense to train her to do everything she can cope with. when she's a little older I'll teach her to scale fences. She's not sposed to do that yet, but try telling her that!
I love this photo, Fifi showing her natural poise and elegance.


Just to let y'all know that I dont see Fifi thru rose tints.. she IS a monster, she chews anything she can get her paws/teeth on. This is why she needs to be occupied. she doesnt have to be bored to be naughty. but she's so cute tho.


Beauty and Intelligence