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Can you believe, that I had Homer earmarked to stay here at Holcroft with us when he was just four weeks old. Even at that innocent age he had that certain flair' to catch people's attention. Madison's breeder sed oh no he'll be too big.. but I knew what I wanted, the sire's owner's came to pick out the two show prospects for me.. one was Moose, the other bitch, then they also picked out Homer as being the more showy puppy, I was thrilled.
I spent all day, everyday, outside with these puppies, Homer grew more handsome by the day, God I loved the guy so much Homer was the litter joker, if there was ANYTHING going on, he'd be slap bang in the middle of it.. made me laugh so much.


I could probaby write a book on all the things he destroyed, but it doesn't matter, wellies, cars, door frames, can all be replaced, I'd trade them all for one last snuggle with my big handsome boy. In time I'm sure I'll post some happy times, some pics which, even if you hadnt met him, you would be able to tell the kind of fun loving buddy he was, I wish I could give his Litter sister morgan just one more romp  in the park before they had to go there seperate ways for a few years, she misses him like Mad.


Homer and Morgan, their last run together on 20th July 2007

Always made me laugh dude.