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I'm sure he needs no introductions as most of you will have known him from a few weeks old. Homer was a big bouncy young man who loved everyone without exception. He has touched many lives worldwide in his short four and a half years on this earth.

 He lived at Holcroft with his litter sister Morgan, his mum, Madison, half sister Dallas and of course aunty Shelby.




Two months ago he was diagnosed with Lymphoma  and had been on chemo therapy to hopefully beat it into remission, but that never worked for Homer.

Nevertheless, he continued to be the joker he always was, always finding the good in each day. In his life he has done many things, he was constant sidekick to Morgan of course, the terrible two they were called. never spent a day apart. From an early age Homer quickly learned how to put the blame on his sweet sister, he never could put a paw wrong you see.

 many of you will recall logging in just to hear about "what Homer did next".

 He was a skilled hunter, a wonderful show off.. and the best "cuddle puff" in the world. I could go on forever about all the good things he has done, but I think we'll all remember him best for his oodles of character and his handsome features.

 Homer my sweet Cherry Blossom, we all love you

Always made me laugh dude.