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Taken last year, Christmas 2005. Minstrel in the snow.


I'm not sure how old Minstrel was.. but Morgan was 12 months old.


Two years later Minstrel and Morgan again, she never seemed to age at all


This was taken just days before Minstrel left us.. funny girl right to the end.


A more recent one here, taken last year so Minstrel was 9. stood with Homer, who was three


One of the last pics, may 2006, Dallas n Minstrel


Again, taken days before we lost Minstrel. This pic is my pc background


The bottom two pics show Minstrel as she was all the time, even tho she was totally blind, it never stopped her from being the happy dog she had always been, always up for a good ole play session with the others. I miss her so much, there'll never be another like her!
This is one of the portraits up in my lounge,, was taken may 06. One of my favourite photos


Our one in a MILLION girl