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Description of Family Members

Key responsibilities
Dad is well ... a Director of Studies for Kalogrea Foundation School in Greece, teacher of Business courses, trash taker-outer, light bulb changer, maintenance repair man for all things broken and oh yes babysitter (when the other Big boss is out).

Mom is Oh ... she's a full-time Civil Engineer, full time mother, full-time house-keeper, and oh yes a wife too. How does she manage it?

The twins are ... full time entertainment seekers ... part time squabblers ... and when all is well 'little growing angels'.

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Biographical Information

Dad - was born in Breda, a small town outside of Belfast to American/British parents, moved to Canada at 6, then the US at 13, finished High School in Topeka Kansas before attending Ambassador University in California. After a year teaching English in Thailand, he travelled to France where he lived the following nine years before meeting the woman of his life while on vacation in Rome. They were married in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995 where they presently reside with their two daughters Vasilea and Chrysanthe. (BA Ambassador University 1986, PostDip-Sheffield Hallam University 1998, LTCL - Dip-TESOL Trinity College London 1998)

Mom - was born and raised in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece to Greek parents. She graduated from Aristotle University where she became a Civil Engineer. She currently is in search of a new car and her first mobile telephone. These priorities currently come after being boss, mother, wife and daughter. How does she do it all?

The twins - Vasilea was the firstborn of the twins. She entered the world on 6 June 1997, along with her sister Chrysanthe, after much prayer and anxiety. They arrived at 2-3 months pre-maturely and had to wait a little while at the hospital before they could come home. They are both doing fine and growing too quickly.

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Personal Interests

Dad's personal interests include mouthwatering hot Chili or mexican food with nachos. Afterwards he is still waiting for his Lamborghini that someone promised him for a wedding present. Finally he is an avid reader, computer fanatic, and part time dreamer.

Mom's personal interests include at present, the kids, the kids, kids, kids, family, family, family, work, work, work, and dad. Oh let's not forget finding a maid to clean house.

The twins' personal interests include chips, pickles, any new toy that comes their way, and ... oh yes, playing and more playing!

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