Breeding Yup. This is one of those extremely common pages where you pick a male from the list below to breed your female to. This may or may not end up staying. Depends on how popular it is, and such.


1) Only one cat per owner may be bred at a time. If you wish to breed 2 of your cats to the same male, or 2 different males, you must wait for the first one to return to you before sending me the 2nd one.
2) All breeding is done here. I will not keep copies of your females.
3) I reserve the right to keep a copy of any of the kittens that result from the breedings.
4) If your female needs a breedfile I do not have, you cannot breed her, sorry.
5) And last but not least, these cats are for Petz 5 Only.


Your Name:
Your Cats Name:
Name Of Male(otherwise known as my cat):
Names For Kittens:
If Only One Kitten Is Born, Do You Wish Me To Breed Them Again Before Sending Them Back?

Name: Dream
Gen: 9th+
Breedz: Calico, Maine Coon, Russian Blue, B+W Shorthair, Alley, Tabby, Orange Shorthair, Chinchilla Persian.
Parents: Ginny & Granger
# Of Children Had So Far: 2
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Name: Coal
Gen: 1st
Breedz: Hexed Maine Coon
# Of Children Had So Far: 3
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Name: Lysander
Gen: 4th
Breedz: B+W Shorthair, Tabby, Persian, Russian Blue, Siamese.
# Of Children Had So Far: 0

Name: Montague
Gen: 8th+
Breedz: Calico, Maine Coon, Tabby, Alley, Siamese, B+W Shorthair, Russian Blue, Chinchilla Persian.
# Of Children Had So Far: 2
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